Journalists protest against terrorist attack: HPC general body demands arrest of culprits, protection to media

HYDERABAD: Journalists of Hyderabad held protest demonstration to express their anger and concern over the terrorist attack on press club last day, and also inaction of administration and police provide protection to journalists despite repeated calls made to police and district administration officers. The protest was attended by a large number of journalists, photographers and cameramen who were chanting slogans against terrorists and against administration and police which failed to provide protection to them. Demanding arrest of culprits who were involved in the attack on press club under the guise of protest. They demanded compensation for injured journalists and the loss the press club suffered due to ransacking and burning of its furniture, record, etc. The protest was attended by senior journalists Ali Hassan, Lala Rehman Samo, Khalid Khokhar, president press club Jai Parkash, secretary Nasir Shaikh, vice president Farhan Effendi, Hamid Shaikh, Hameed Rehman, Junaid Khanzada, Abbas Kassar,Khalid Chandio, Ashok Sharma, Danish Nafees, Shiraz Bhatti, Nadeem Khawar, Haroon Arain and others. Later a journalist body of HPC was held which passed a resolution condemning the terrorist attack on press club and demanded severe action against terrorists and protection of journalists. Meanwhile, the Sindh National Tehrik and other political and social parties and organizations have also condemned the attack on press club and demanded the arrest of terrorists involved in attack. They said religious parties workers cannot be allowed to commit such attacks to suppress the voice of media.


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