My heart lies with the Bangladeshi tigers, says late Eddie Barlow’s wife

MOUNT ABU: A woman in Welsh has been following Bangladesh cricket with keen interest. Cally Barlow is a wife of late Eddie Barlow, who coached Tigers in the formative years.

Speaking after the Asia Cup final late on Sunday, she said, “I was so happy that Bangladesh had made it to the final of the Asia Cup and hoped that Eddie, from his Heaven’s XI, would have fondly looked at the team. I was out for lunch for some time but will have my iPad with me and kept myself busy with the happenings”.

“I had followed Bangladesh cricket ever since 1999 when my late husband went there to be the coach and Director of Cricket, dragging me along with him. I can say it was only a pleasure to be there and we enjoyed our time there. Sadly Eddie’s stroke cut short our stay, but the cricketers remember him very fondly”.

“When India played their first Test against Bangladesh at Bangabandhu stadium I was asked in the Press box how many runs Bangladesh would make. I said I hoped for at least 300 but would like 400. The laughter was loud and long. How many did they make? 400! I was inundated by people asking how I knew? Of course, I didn’t, it was just hope, and I was rewarded. Nowadays people might have thought I was involved in match fixing!”.

“However at the start of this Asia Cup final I wrote down on a piece of paper how many runs I thought Bangladesh might get and yes, you guessed it, 120. My man of this innings was Sabbir. He played steadily throughout his innings and was top scorer with Mahmadullah who threw his bat around to the death”.

“When you are in a final, never having won, it is tempting to either go hell for leather or be too conservative which is fatal in a T 20 so on balance I think 120 was a reasonable score. But as it turned out not enough. India’s innings started off well for Bangladesh in the first 4 overs but then nightmares for Shakib and new boy Hider put the game on the skids. At this point I got the feeling that India was toying with Bangladesh and after another 11 for Shakib and 15 from Hossein, Dhoni and Kohli had a smashing time at the death, getting the runs in 13.5 overs. Oh, how I had hoped for a win for Bangladesh but again the bridesmaid”.

“Still they got to the final which they were obviously not expected to do by the powers that be, as a reserve day had not been planned for. Had the skies kept crying what would have happened? Split the trophy in two??”, she added further.

“I am hoping to go to Bangladesh for the England tour, but as there is no firm date yet ……..!!”, she signed off.


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