Man, Not Rule Or Law

Letter to the Editor

According to a news item Karachi based renowned NGO Sehri approached the Federal Ombudsman against Defence Ministry for its non provisioning of information under the Right of Information as to how many plots were given to specific NGO. The Federal Ombudsman refused to take up the complaint because it was connected with defence of Pakistan. The NGO concerned as reported is registered as a private NGO under the Societies Act and not under the Ministry of Defence.

It is universally said that it was the man sitting on the chair who “delivers” justice, not the Law, Rule or the Procedure. If the man is God blessed public spirited, he would interpret the relevant Law, rule or procedure from the universal point of view that the laws are enacted for betterment of the people. But if unfortunately God had deprived him from this divine spirit, he will interpret the same two line law from the point of view that laws are made to “control rule” the human beings.

General Zia established the ombudsman under P.O.I of 1982 which read that both the Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs were out of the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman. However, as Zia was truly honest and content in establishing the ombudsman system, God helped him in appointing a man who truly proved himself a true Ombudsman and who till today, as per country’s top Daily remains unmatched for. Mr. Justice ® Sardar Iqbal the first Ombudsman Pakistan was, to the good luck of the people, blessed by God with public spirit. He interpreted the relevant clause of P.O.I that his jurisdiction on the two ministries was barred to the extent where it related direct to country’s defence like; defence production, defence purchase, defence policy etc and foreign policies, foreign relations. He interpreted that as far his jurisdiction over the issues relating direct to the general public, as being an ombudsman not a court judge today, was not barred at all on these two ministries. Knowing well how mentally strong on his believes Justice ® Sardar Iqbal was, none from these two Ministries then could dare resist. Since God was with this true man who believed fully how divine was the “justice”, he provided to thousands true relief from PIA and embassies etc. Special Communications (a T&T sort controlling telephone exchanges in Azad Kashmir) was an out of bond entity being under the Defence. Justice Sardar Iqbal entertained all complaints against it and provided phone connections to the civilian complainants. This senior citizen got so many practical reliefs from him which today I can’t even day dream.

Ziaul Haq was, as is generally called, a Dictator but the most appreciating job despite toughest possible resistance from the bureaucracy was done by him. Came “heavy-mandated” rule of jamhooriat. The most pious Rafiq Tarar, Nawaz Sharif’s family elder, sitting on the same on which Zia sat and enacted P.O.I one fine morning “was pleased” to declare that PIA was out of bond for the Federal Ombudsman. The judges world over feel sorry where due to any jurisdictional bar they can’t deliver justice to an aggrieved. This pious civilian President of Pakistan was the only one in the world and still remains so who felt himself “pleased” in closing the doors of justice on citizens aggrieved through the hands of politically appointed PIA staff viz loss of baggage, baggage theft, non provision of seat despite holding ticket etc. As said it is the Man’s “personal inner” which mattered. As unlike Zia there was pious Rafiq Tarar on presidency’s chair, likewise the man sitting on the ombudsman’s office chair now was not a Sardar Iqbal, hence he immediately accepted and implemented the “pious judge’s pleasure” by shutting the doors of his office on aggrieved through the hands of PIA.

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