QAT, SNT demand immediate census; ask ban on MQM

HYHDERABAD: Leaders of Qaumi Awami Tehrik and Sindh National Tehrik have expressed concern on postponement of population census in a joint statement and have demanded it be carried out immediately. A delegation of SNT led by its chairman Ashraf Noonari called on founder chairman of Qaumi Awami Tehrik Rasool Bux Palijo at Qasimabad and discussed national and Sindh political situation. Rasool Bux Palijo said Ali Baba and 40 thieves were ruling country since last 10 years and have looted national wealth of billions of rupees but no one was there to take account from them. He said they had termed MQM as terrorist, anti Pakistan and agents of Raw no one believed them but now their own party members have verified their claims. He said country was in grip of ethnic and religious terrorism and that these and Pakistan cannot live together. Palijo said in a way country has been plundered during last 8 years through corruption due to which innocent children were dying of hunger and medicare the example of which cannot be found in history. He said Sindhi nation shall have to be united to block way of corrupt rulers and Jagirdars otherwise the rulers would turn Sindh into Ethopia and Somalia. Talking on the occasion Ashraf Noonari said the exposures of Mustafa Kamal have proved MQM as anti Pakistan as such it should be banished. He also demanded action against Mustafa Kamal for his involvement in 12 May and 18 October carnages and Anees Qaimkhani in Baldia Town factory killings. Najeeb Thebo, Shoaib Ansari, Murtaza Gohar, Khadim Baloch, Syed Ashfaq Shah and others accompanied Noonari during visit of Paijo House.


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