The power of fragrances in other people’s perception of you

Fragrance has been an important part of the daily wardrobe for both men and women for many centuries. Although many still don’t use perfumes or cologne daily, research shows that it can have a significant impact in how other people perceive the wearer – or how you perceive others too.

But it’s also not just about any particular type of scent. In fact, a study done on people who use fragrances regularly found that 97% of them experienced an increase of confidence, especially when it came to dating or other social interactions. Not only that, there is also another reason why perfumes, colognes, fragrance oils, and other types of smells can sometimes cause strong emotional reactions.

If you’ve ever had a moment while doing something mundane – such as walking down the street, or sorting through old clothes, or reach in close for a hug and been “transported” to a moment in time because of someones fragrance, you are aware of just powerful smells can be. The olfactory system is one of the oldest, most primal features of the human anatomy.

Sabina Read, a psychologist in a recent interview explained that fragrance is linked to our emotional system:

“Of all our senses, smell has the strongest link to emotion because the part of the brain that registers smell is linked to the limbic system which controls our emotions. Scent is often linked to our memories via learned emotional responses associated with smells and experiences from our past.”

It is strongly suggested that smells that can trigger feelings, are associated with experiences in the past. For example, the smell of flowers and freshly baked cookies are generally associated with “good” feelings, while body odor and rubbish evoke more negative emotions like disgust, or repulsion.

Science aside, aromatherapy is also based on the premise the certain smells can evoke certain moods, and elevate the wellbeing of those exposed. Vanilla tends to make people feel more relaxed, jasmine tends to be useful as a sleep aid, and citrus type scents can be uplifting or cause happiness.

What does all this have to do with perception?

While “smelling good” is definitely the favorable choice instead of keeping it natural, there are also other aspects to our sense of smell that may have been missed – until just recently.

Recent trends show that pheromone colognes are making a larger impact on the fragrance community, and there is a lot of science to back it up. Garry, from Liquid Alchemy Labs (LAL mones) a well known vendor offers products with a myriad of ingredients from certain pheromone molecules, to using ancient aphrodisiacs from the Amazon Rainforest. There are also such things as “pheromone parties”, where people exchange articles of clothing with their natural body scents. Matches are introduced, and the interaction carries on as a usual date to progress the relationship.

As unusual as some of these ideas are, it is clear that using fragrance can definitely enhance people’s perception of the wearer. Using them in your daily life may help you move up professional ladders, have more success in your dating life, and even change your friends opinion of your “social value” – making you seem more attractive than you already are.



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