Noonari terms arrest of RAW agent as big achievement of forces

HYDERABAD, April 1: Sindh National Tehrik chairman Ashraf Noonari has lauded the sacrifices of Pakistan’s armed forces under command of General Raheel Sharif and efforts in tracking down RAW agent K.B. Yadev from Balochistan. He said it was their big achievement adding that India has never recognized sovereignty of Pakistan and has always tried to destabilize our country. In a statement, he said we are proud of our national security forces that have always ensured solidarity and integrity of Pakistan. He also said that India has been supporting nationalist forces in Sindh and Balochistan and MQM in Karachi and religious extremists. He said General Raheel and heads of security forces have foiled the attempts of anti-Pakistan elements. Zarb-e-Azb and Karachi operation were heading towards complete success with sacrifices of our forces. He said it was first time that serious efforts were taken to wipe out terrorism from country otherwise the politicians have failed to make progress and advancement due to their inefficiency, corruption and favouritism. He demanded to raise the issue of Indian agents UNO, EU and other world forums. He also demanded extension in service of General Raheel Sharif till complete elimination of terrorism. He also demanded action against those funding and facilitating RAW agents.


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