Sport needs characters like Dhoni; Great to see captain front up after a loss: Sam Ferris

Sam Ferris and Mahendra Singh Dhoni

MUMBAI: Sam Ferris, the Australian reporter (with Cricket Australia) is confident he would not get the same “treatment” which he received from limited over captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni when he asked him about the retirement plan following Team India’s defeat against West Indies at the Wankhede Stadium on Thursday.

Speaking exclusively at the Hotel on morning after the overnight incident, he says, “In Australia, I wouldn’t get an invite on stage! I asked Shane Watson the same question in South Africa, about his international playing future beyond the World T20, and he said he’ll think about it after the tournament. Next thing you know he’s announced his retirement with two matches to go”.

“Retirement is part of any job. The players know it will come one day”.

Dhoni made me relaxed and comfortable

Ferris admits he gets nervousness while asking the questions. “I can get nervous when asking questions at press conferences, (but) funnily enough I wasn’t nervous at all (when he invited me to share the stage). You’ve just got to roll with it in those types of situations. Dhoni being such a charismatic guy threw an arm around me as soon as I sat down and me feel relaxed and comfortable”.

Interestingly, Dhoni was “serious” (in inviting him at the stage) and also wanted to have “fun” alongside. He said both these words (“Let’s have some fun”. “Come. Come. Come. Seriously”…). in the conversation.

He was annoyed at the other reporter when he was asked to comment on India’s narrow win against Bangladesh recently.

“It is always great to see the captain front up after a loss. He/she is the leader in the team for a reason. No doubt it’s difficult, but they’re all professionals”, says Ferris.

“As a reporter, there’s nothing worse than a player who refuses to answer questions or gives you nothing. When guys like Dhoni do something a little bit different, show their personality, it’s wonderful. Sport needs characters”, the reporter, who is heading to Kolkata for the final, added.

“Off to watch the mighty Southern Stars make it four in a row”, the journalist concluded.


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