Backstabbing Ishaq Dar

Ishaq Dar

At the behest of the Prime Minister Sharif Ishaq Dar the finance minister negotiated with the protesting Clerics and made a truce with them. Ch. Nisar the interior minister was kept in the dark. The protesting religious leaders sat in defiance at the D-Chowk.

All this was kept under the wraps. Perhaps this was a deliberate attempt to embarrass him. Being the Interior minister he was in charge of the operation to clear the area of protesters. Earlier the Prime Minister had given the direction to carry out the operation with minimum use of force.

Kh. Saad Rafique another federal minister played a key role in these negotiations. Both Ishaq and Saad double crossed Ch. Nisar Ali Khan. Ishaq Dar accepted their demands without consulting or informing Chaudhry. They went so far to betray Nisar & mae a fool o him to let him go ahead with the press conference.

While Ch. Nisar denied the existence of any written agreement, Ishaq was giving the details of the negotiations and the truce talking to Kamran Khan on his program on the Dunniya T.V. Channel. He had no shame in betraying his colleague and an honorable member of the Cabinet.

These shameless politicians have no conscience and shame. They can betray their own parents. I think it is the time for Ch. Nisar to quit the government. He deserves better than this backstabbing rogues.


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