Sindh:a victim of the Sandhi’s

Letter to the Editor

Sindh is well known as the land of Sufis, peace, and love. But unfortunately, it has also given the birth to traitors, plunderers, and morally and ethically corrupt people as well. Since the very long history of Sindh, it is plundered and deceived by its own people. From Seth Naomal, Chanesar to Zardari, and many more. They all have nothing to do with the development and prosperity of Sindh but it is the lust for wealth and status that robbed the Sindh and poor and helpless people of the land of Sufis and peace. Sindhi people are betrayed by their own political leaders and even government employees. Moreover, the most of the feudal lords of the Sindh (who are also the part of politics and are politician sitting in parliament) will be written in the pages of history as traitors and plunderers. They are the actual people who have kept the people unware and illiterate to sustain their dominance and lordship for their own perks and privileges. Furthermore, who is responsible for the destruction of education and copy culture in the province of Sindh? Who is accountable for the backwardness and tribal feuds? Who are thieves and dacoits stopping roads and snatching money and vehicles within Sindh? Who is to be blamed for honour killing and atrocities on women mostly in the rural areas?. Should we blame to America, West or any other force responsible for this or these all people belong to the Sindh and living on the land of Sindh?.There is translation of the very famous worse of Holy Quran that Allah will not change the condition of that nation who does not want to change its condition itself. This is the right time for the people of Sindh to know about these people, expose them and stop them for doing this. Sindh is a victim of its own people, no other people could be blamed and can harm anyone until their own people help them.

Irfan Ali


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