CURP check valid for survival

The Unique Population Registry Code CURP may be proof of the validity of survival rights of pensioners, retirees or beneficiaries of a social program.

México.  This measure will have another process as it will scale with the senators. However, the Population Commission of the Chamber of Deputies approved the measure achieving that CURP give more legal certainty.

What is the OBJECTIVE?

Reduce the disadvantages faced by heirs or beneficiaries, having to physically present to make the process of enforcement of rights.

The commission considered correct this modality as institutes of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) and Mexican Social Security Institute (IMS) already have an electronic data platform with Renapo to check the validity of rights its affiliates.

For his part, Deputy Adolfo Mota said that the proper conduct of population policy is strategic ways for the development of the country and considered “open a range of opportunities that optimize the government work.”

During the dialogue work, they stated that the adequacy delivers any budgetary impact, since collation systems electronic information are everyday actions.

The members of the committee considered legislative action necessary to enforce the rights of older adults including extending opportunities for official procedures.

Other uses of CURP:

On October 23, 1996, was published in the Official Gazette, the Presidential Agreement for the adoption and use by the Federal Public Administration Record Unique Key population.1

The Agreement provides that the CURP be assigned to all people living in the country, and Mexicans living abroad.

Currently, the CURP is essential to handle tax returns, to keep records of businesses, schools, and membership in health services, passport application, and other government agencies.

Now it will also be assigned in all individual records and certified copies (birth and death) of the Civil Registry, the Unique Key Population Register of the person.

Its main use supposed to be a solution to a series of registration numbers (SSN, RFC, IFE) but failed in the homologation of all these within the CURP as they continue using their code


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