Beygairat (Shameless) Brigade


In PML (N) we have quite a few Beygairat Politicians who would do or say anything to save themselves and remain in the Power. They are not only Corrupt but compulsive liars too. I hate liars. These opportunists have no conscience or national interest. They have changed their loyalties at the drop of a hat. They have an extreme hunger for money and power. They have sold their soul to the Great Satan.

Their heart lies where the money and power can be had. They are notorious for their underhand wheeling and dealings the Panama leaks; they have come out from nooks and corners to beat the heat generated by these leaks. Their real faces have been unmasked and shown how ugly they can get? The stinking ship is sinking rapidly. They are all passengers of the same boat.

Their black deeds have hardened their body and soul. These persons would not leave any stone unturned to prove the allegations wrong. Look at the record of the Minister for disinformation Rashid. He has been lying to the teeth to prove Sharif family innocent. He is the number 1 enemy of the State and the People. These persons are acting like the slaves of the Sharif family. They are a burden on the national exchequer. They should work for the state and earn Rizk e-Halal.

Rana Sana Ullah, the criminal minister of Punjab and main handler of CM’s affairs, has given the new meaning to idiocy. This buffer jumps on every occasion to defend Sharif family’s honor. He termed Panama papers a Pyjama papers. All of them are wearing Pyjamas from this day onward

The script of Panama leaks has been written by independent Journalist team who has worked for a decade to unearth the information about the hidden money & shady financial dealing of the rulers and corrupt officials of the world. Instead of defending Sharifs, they should run to cover their own corruption. PM will never save them from the wrath of the people.

I strongly condemn the King’s men and denounce them.


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