Saving hair tips for extremely dry hair

Dreaming about best hair cuts in Nyc, you always wanted to have a long and healthy hair, but split ends and extreme dryness cut down on your dream? We will help you! Of course, growing out a long hair is a very difficult and time-consuming process, so be patient. Different short cuts, like pixie, were very popular in 2015, but the world of fashion is changing, and it is time to move on. Check out our hair saving tips, which will make your dream about long and healthy hair come true.

Use oils

Hair oils are must-haves for every caring girl. The variety of different hair oils is huge: coconut, jojoba, tea tree, argan, here are only the most popular ones. Choose the one you like the most and add it to your daily hair care routine. You should apply it evenly, starting from ends and moving to roots. Hair oil will nourish and moisturize your hair fighting the dryness back. In addition, you will get deep hair color and equable tone.

Get regular trims

Even if you want to have a very long hair so badly, you still need to have regular trims every 4 – 7 weeks. Just cut down about half an inch every time you visit your hairstylist, and it will be enough to prevent your hair from further damage, split ends, and frizzies. Find the strength inside of you and make an appointment in your hair salon. Even if you are totally obsessed with long hair, trims are necessary.

Conceal your problem

It is important to make your hair look nice while you are moving straight to your dream. Use texturizers creating voluminous, rough waves. They will add great shine to your hair and conceal fried ends. You can also go for highlights or lowlights. These procedures are not so harmful like complete dyeing, but they will make you look fresh and charming. Underline your beautiful cheekbones with light strands around the face or draw attention to your dark eyes, creating lowlights in your hair.

Follow our tips and soon you will be able to have any of the best hair cuts in Nyc because having a long and healthy hair is amazing.

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