Best Apps For Improving Your Appearance Online

It’s 2016 so like most of us you probably use your phones to take photos of yourself, who you are with, and what you are doing and share it on various social media platforms. From Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more, it’s the world we live in whether we like it or not we are a generation obsessed with sharing everything online with the rest of the world.

So why not present your best self in the best light as possible? You know everybody else uses applications to improve their appearance whether they talk about it or not. These are the best iPhone and Android applications to make you appear as attractive as you know you really are.


Facetune is a simple, free application that has all the basic features to make you as photogenic as possible. There are options to clear your skin, whiten your teeth, make it lighter or darker, and similar filters to the Instagram ones. You can also make yourself appear bigger or smaller with the reshape options- just be careful with the curves in the background that are dead giveaways for when people photoshop their photo’s.


Instagram- Insta who?  Retrica is a photo editing application that has over 100 different filters to find the perfect one to improve your latest selfie.  There’s all the standard one similar to Instagram plus a hell of a lot more. From classic retro to all sorts of different options to saturate your selfies with different glows, you’ll find something to suit your needs here.


There’s rumours circulating the world, probably originally from the Perfect365 crew that the Kardashian sisters use this specific app to improve their selfies. And let’s be honest here, whether you like them, hate them or secretly dream of destroying their empires, they definitely know how to take a selfie. So if this is the app that’s helping them, lets straight up get on to that asap. Using each effect with the Perfect365 you can adjust the intensity with the slider. There are also several templates and tools available to beautifying your latest pic.


Airbrush the app does exactly what it says. Airbrushes your pictures without having to full Adobe Photoshop them. The good thing about airbrush is that unlike a lot of applications claiming to be the best in the business, it’s a bit more subtle but very precise. There are plenty of editing options that you can adjust and apply to whatever suits you and lots of fun go-to features.

Selfie Photo Editor

Well I mean it is called the Selfie Photo Editor… It would be false advertising if it didn’t take your selfies from zero to hero. The coolest thing about this application is that it will automatically detect your face and propose what you should be doing with it. Lazy people-rejoice! It has a sweet amount of options- you can change all aspects of your face if you really want to freak your parents out on your next posts. From your eye colour to face shape, and more you can do a lot more dramatic changes with the Selfie Photo Editor than with other applications.

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