Pakistan: A country without justice

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“We destroyed certain generations who lived before you because of their injustice.” This quote is from Quran that shows the importance of Justice in society. The commonness of injustice is the most dangerous epidemic on societies since it causes social collapse. To overlook acts of injustice encourages the oppressors to go beyond the limits in aggression and criminality. In Pakistan, there is no justice at all, and no one can hold any powerful person accountable. And if someone tries to bring the rich and powerful scum to accountable, they punish him with death.

Such is the case of Ejaz Chaudhary, who was a customs officer and was murdered under cover of dacoity. He was investigating the case of Super Model Ayan Ali and had some key evidence against her which would have caused a lot of trouble to some powerful men. He was to file the evidence in the court but murdered few days before the hearing. His killers are still roaming freely, and no one is raising voice for him. It seems that everyone has forgotten the murder of Ejaz including the Media, Journalists. Ayan Ali is still the center of all media hype. Pakistan is full of those people who launder money, are involved in heinous crimes, yet are most respected. Media give full coverage to Ayaan Ali and present her as if she has made Pakistan proud but has not given any coverage to Ejaz Chaudhary, who caught her red-handed and was killed later.

This is not the only case. I remember one NAB officer Kamran Faisal who was investigating the RS22 Billion rental power project case in which former prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf was allegedly involved was murdered, and they tried to hide that matter as a suicide but later after investigations officials came to know it was murder, for the few days the matter was really very hot but till now no further action is taken by judiciary and government. This will continue till no proper action has been taken.

More than two years have passed since the death of the NAB officer Kamran Faisal. Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) continuously demanded an inquiry into the mysterious murder of the NAB officer when it was in opposition but went mum after acquiring power.

PMLN and PPP have been running this country for years but failed to give any justice system to Pakistan. They deliberately didn’t give Pakistan a justice system where corrupt and powerful could be held accountable because the current system supports them, therefore, they don’t want it to be changed. Both of these parties protect each other’s dark deeds and will continue to do this. They are the biggest hurdles in the way of justice. Shahbaz Sharif promised before the elections that he will bring all the looted money of Zardari back in Pakistan and will hold him accountable. But since coming in the power, he has not spoken a single word against Zardari. And the reason is simple, Sharif brothers themselves have corruption cases on them. There is a written affidavit of Ishaq Dar, the minister of finance, which he did money laundering for Nawaz Sharif. There is a list of cases in NAB against Sharif brothers, Ishaq Dar, Zardari, Khursheed Shah and many others. But how can NAB take any action as his own chairman was appointed by PM Nawaz and opposition leader Khursheed Shah? Until and unless these two parties are in power, there can be no justice in Pakistan.

I wish the murderers of Ejaz Chaudhary and Kamran Faisal are arrested, but it looks very difficult. No one is serious to bring the corrupt and money launderers to accountable.


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