Mystery will wear off, you need to have plan to grab wickets


MUMBAI: Former South African spinner Paul Adams has heard about Shivil Kaushik, the 20-year-old left-arm spinner, who too has similar “mysterious” bowling action like him.

While playing his debut match for the Gujarat Lions team (against Supergiants) in Pune on Friday, Kaushik was compared with Paul Adams by the TV commentators.

Speaking exclusively over his mobile on late Saturday evening, the 40-year-old Adams said, “I have heard about him being drafted into the IPL”.

“He is using his uniqueness and turned it into a positive. It has been about a decade since I last played and there will be lots of players out there that would have never seen it before. It will be nice to have a chat with him and hear his journey”.

“I consider him to be a “mysterious” bowler because of his action being different. Most players don’t get to face that type of bowling. So it takes time to read what the bowler is trying to do”.

“His bowling action is unusual. Facing something different will always be tough to face (by the batsmen). He just needs to become consistent”, added Adams.

“My advice to him would be : Being consistent is important. The mystery will wear off and you will need to have plans and understand the best way to take wickets with what his got”.

Paul Adams went to this phase when his bowling action was also being talked about. “I enjoyed it. The fact that batsman are more worried about the action than watching the ball was an advantage for me”.

“I would like to wish him all the best and also hope to meet him one day”, Adams concluded.


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