Sindh Growers rally against water shortage: Demand no trade with India

sindh abadgar protest

HYDERABAD: Sindh Growers Alliance and Pakistan Kissan Ittehad took out a joint rally here and held a protest demonstration against the shortage of water in lower Sindh.

The protest was led by Nawab Zubair Talpur and advocate Ali Palh of Sindh Abadgar Ittehad and Khalid Mahmood Khokhar president and Umair Masood General Secretary of Pakistan Kissan Ittehad. They told media that hundreds of thousands acres land of 13 districts of Sindh were being irrigated on Rohri canal which has been kept closed for 45 days which has caused loss of billions to cultivators with crops of chilli, cotton, orchards, banana and vegetables adversely affected.

They alleged Sindh government of destroying agriculture which they said was the backbone of the economy of Pakistan. They accused Sindh government of giving subsidy to tractor factory instead of growers.

The growers said no to trading with India adding that Pakistan’s weak growers cannot compete with powerful cultivators of India. Giving an example of tomato which when brought from India this season the local tomato price fell down causing financial loss to local cultivators.

They said our crops per acre yield was lower than in other countries and after harvest, they cannot get the appropriate cost as such sales tax on crops be withdrawn. They condemned the mass scale corruption by Food Department Sindh with reference to a refusal to supply empty gunny bags to growers and sold same committing corruption.

They demanded NAB to hold the probe in Bardana corruption. They demanded to close down pesticide companies as its sprays with causing loss to crops than gains. They demanded sugarcane growers in Sindh be given the cost of Rs.185 per 40 grams. They vowed to continue the struggle until their demands were met.


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