Learn how to get rid of the iCloud Remover Tool on permanent basis

Anyone who is currently dealing with iCloud lock problems, in order to solve this, must download the suitable software app. This app was initially developed by a group of hackers that went by the name of DoulCi. Later, once their servers were brought down, this tool was taken over under our custody and with hard work we have continued to work on its development.

The latest version of the iCloud Remover tool is capable of easily removing the Activation lock on any iPhone model, including the newest iPhone 6S+ and 6S. The requirements to use this application are few:

First you must download the application directly from our official website.

Next, it is required that you know and provide the IMEI code of the iOS device for which you wish to remove the iCloud Activation lock. After that you can easily use the application to delete the old iCloud account which is causing the Activation lock problem on your device.

Why iCloud Remover lock occurs?

This problem can be traced way back in 2013, when the Activation lock feature was first introduced. The main purpose of this feature was to prevent the number of Apple devices that were stolen or compromised. Luckily, it turned out that Apple did great job and the Activation lock proved to be very effective and as result the number of compromised or stolen Apple devices was drastically reduced. Now, even though this sounds amazing, still the main issue with this feature is that there are many users who simply forget their Apple ID or passwords. On top of that, there are millions of iPhone devices that are being sold via second hand retailers and unfortunately the previous owners of these devices have not disabled the Activation lock.

Without knowing the Apple ID and password it is impossible to access the iPhone once this feature is enabled and regardless of what you do you will be unable to iCloud unlock the device. Because of this, the DoulCi has managed to find an exploit in the Activation lock feature and to develop the highly efficient iCloud Remover tool. This tool is now being used by millions of people who are dealing with this issue.

Fortunately, using the iCloud Remover tool does not cost a thing. You can download and use the application completely for free, and on top of that you will manage the permanently remove the Activation lock on your device and create a new iCloud account. You only need to download the tool via the official download links that are provided bellow and you can say goodbye to the iCloud lock. Give it a try, get the iCloud remover app!!!


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