Llethargy of Auqaf Dept: Renovation of Qalandar Shrine unfinished in 23 years

HYDERABAD: The renovation work on shrine of Qalandar Shahbaz at Sewhan which had started 23 years back had still not been finished though the annual Urs is to be held a day later that is from 26 May 2016. Mela committee is not seen anywhere and due to work unfinished the devotees are facing hardships. Due to maladministration and mismanagement of Auqaf department Sindh the work could not be completed despite spending millions on it. The Auqaf department officers failed to get the plots grabbed by people vacated. The land mafia has built hotels on Auqaf plots while departments seems to be in deep slumber. Tiles adjacent to Dargah have also been displaced. The officers are seen only holding meetings with no result of providing facilities to devotees.


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