PPP MNAs lambaste politician for anti-democracy statements

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MNAs Mir Munawwar Talpur, Faqeer Sher Muhammad Balalani and Sardar Rafiq Ahmed Khan Jamali have expressed serious concern over a statement of chief of a political and spiritual party of Sindh in which he laid his proposals for placing the country under the control of Pakistani Military.

In their statement they issued from PPP Media Cell Sindh Monday said that Pakistan has tremendous challenges and threats both internally and externally while the threats from inside are rather serious. By proposing for Pakistani Military to take for even a limited time would be fatal for the country and devastating to the Military as institution of high calibre and prestige.

They said that all institutions have to perform while keeping in constitutional precincts and democracy should be allowed to get mature and strengthened so that the country might achieve the goals of prosperity and self-reliance. Army should not be dragged in every matter.

The PPP MNAs while addressing the so-called leaders of the Grand Democratic Alliance said the masses have time and again rejected them and they could not even win a seat of a counselor that is why they have always been looking for a chance to come into powers from back doors but they would failed in all their vested schemes.


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