Qaimkhani condemns Fed Govt for failing to curb price-hike

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and PPP Media Cell Sindh member Zulfiquar Qaimkhani has lambasted the federal government for withdrawal of subsidy on common men’s grocery items such as pulses, grams and floor from Utility Stores Corporation.

In his statement issued from PPP Media Cell Sindh, Qaimkhani said that the federal government of PMLN has failed to provide any relief to the poor of the country during past three years while it is giving a deadline of 2018 for end of power outrages which is the year of end of PMLN’s rule over the country.

He said the masses are right in asking the PMLN’s federal government as what they have done for the poor as yet and even they could not stop price-hike of common men’s goods that are essential for their living but the prices have been skyrocketing as Rs.50 to Rs.80 has been added to the prices of pulses and grains and the poor could not even buy pulses or the poulry.

He said the withdrawal of subsidy and federal government’s failure in preventing the skyrocketing prices of common men’s goods are highly condemnable. The rulers should not forget that they might face the wrath of the masses and once the poor rises against them for his rights, the rulers might not be able to hide them anywhere.


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