Remove iCloud lock for all models of iPhones safely and freely

In this article, you will find the best instructions on how to use the free service for removing the iCloud lock. Apple’s iPhones have an inclusive defensive feature known as iCloud where all your data is safely stored. These prevent unauthorized use of your data and also prevents your phone from being stolen. After implementing this feature the number of thefts decreased drastically. But still, there is something annoying about this feature. It is very easy to get your device locked. And once you get it locked it is difficult to unlock it. And not to mention that it will cost you and it will take you time. As iPhones enjoy immense popularity, and the number of users is getting bigger and bigger, the necessity for finding a solution to this problem emerged. Here we offer you instructions on how you can remove your iCloud lock safely and easily in just a few steps.

Method of removing the iCloud lock

Many users are desperate to learn the method of Remove iCloud Lock as it is causing lots of problems and you are practically not able to use your phone. But don’t worry, if there is a way to lock something then there must be a way to unlock it as well. The first thing you can do is to visit Apple’s store and solve this problem, but this will cost you a lot. That’s why users are looking for an alternative solution.

Now you have the real solution here. We offer you our tool which can be easily downloaded from the links that you can find on our website. It works for all models of iPhones as well as for iPad and iPod touch. This unique tool is for free and the whole procedure doesn’t take a lot of time.

Step by step procedure for iCloud lock removal on any iPhone

  • Download and install our iCloud Remove Lock tool on your PC
  • Connect your PC and iPhone
  • Select the model of your iPhone
  • Add the IMEI code of your device and provide an e-mail
  • Wait until the process is finished
  • Create the new password and ID for you iCloud
  • Update and restore your phone via iTunes

Now you can start using your iPhone again. Try the iCloud lock tool and remove the lock on your iPhone permanently. There is nothing you can lose because our service is free, and once you download the tool from our site, you can use it unlimitedly.


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