10 Rules for Picking a Good Company Name That Sticks

Picking a good company name is often an overwhelming and a frustrating experience. You can start off fun, and then probably lose it after the first couple of names; and eventually, you find yourself trapped in a mind of naming a huge list of gibberish. This is something that should not happen since the company name that you pick has a tremendous impact on how customers and investors will view you and your brand. Remember once you pick one, throw yourself into branding it, it will be more than possible to change it in the future. So, here are few rules that you must have at your fingertips when picking a company name that sticks.

  1. Pick a name with impact

If you want your company to have an immediate impact on your customers, then you must pick a name with an immediate impact. Choose a name that will stand out of the crowd, a name that will remain fresh and memorable over years. If you do it right, the people who look at it will most likely pass it along to others which is a good way of marketing your company.

  1. Don’t use unusual spelling

It is imperative that you to create a good company name that can be easily spelled by your target audience. Don’t in any way try to use unusual word spelling to make your business unique. There are those who use phonetics to overcome pesky URL registration issues. While this may be beneficial in one way or another, but using misspelled names will leave your customers confused and also very hard for them to remember it, which would ultimately cause difficulties when locating your business online.

  1. Easy to pronounce

I would get tired of a name that is easy to pronounce or difficult to spell, and I am sure many of your potential customers will. While this may be annoying for individuals, it is will have a devastating impact on your business. Do not use unnecessary phrases, avoid acronyms that don’t make sense to most people, stick to a name with simple wording and if you have to use acronyms, use easy to remember ones.

  1. Simple and short

The shorter the company name you pick, the better. It doesn’t mean that business with shorter names will be more effective, no, but those with shorter names are easier to remember. Simplicity means you should avoid special characters like hyphens unless they are too obvious. Using such characters can make your company name too generic to be relatable to your target audience.

  1. Pick a name that makes sense to your Niche

Try to use a company name that provides some information about what your business does. Do not expect your business name to be memorable if it doesn’t indicate what you offer, tangibly as well as emotionally. Even Apple began as the Apple computer. Be creative, and if you can choose a name that reflects the quality of your services. For instance, pick a name such as ‘speedy car wash’ or food plus store’.


  1. Don’t limit your company

If you pick a name that indicates exactly what you offer, for instance, Kim’s Logo design, then you will be limiting your business to logo designs, nothing more. Be a little more general, for example, you can rename the above name to ‘Kim’s graphic designs’, this way; you will have opened a way for new opportunities that might come along.

  1. Make the name web friendly

Find a domain name that matches your company name, as well as any social media site you intend to market your business. Remember that your domain name is the representative of what you offer, so it should be simple and memorable. Consider newer domain extensions; they can be catchy if you use them appropriately.

  1. Don’t pick a name too similar to your competitors

As simple as this may look, or as good as it may be, it can land you in trouble; you can find yourself fighting a lawsuit. The best way to avoid that is to do your research on the internet and avoid similar names and don’t forget to check the international implication, and if you need trademark protection, seek some guidance from the attorney.

  1. Always make a list of names

Come up with a list of name choices, and try them out with friends, co-workers, investors and even potential customers. Many dedicated firms out there can also help you come up with the right appellation.

  1. Embrace your creativity

As you go the naming process, stay flexible. Take your time; it’s a bit like naming your child. The naming process is an important decision, so be creative and pick the name that you will love for years to come and more importantly, a name that will get your target audience intrigued.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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