10 Ways to Come Up With Cool Business Names

There’s power in a name. Proper names communicate specific attributes of your product and brand experience. They assist in creating memorable impressions. Over time ‘killer’ company names save many dollars in marketing cost since you do not have to purchase regularly media to enlighten on what your product does or what your business stands for.

Correspondingly, no significant marketing budget can make up for a bad business name (remember the Chevy Nova?).Are great names recommended in companies? Yes, of course. When selecting your business name, you should choose something which stands out to your clients while representing the exceptional qualities of your company.

It is incredibly essential to find the correct name for your online store to assist it to stand out from any competition – both from an SEO perspective and from a branding perspective.

Selecting cool business names can have a huge influence on the success. Also, choose a name which captures the essence of your company while captivating your clients?

Therefore, the big question is how do you come up with the best name that reflects your product experience and brand attributes? Here are a few ways that’ll assist you to find a killer name for your business.

Be Memorable and Unique – Pick a name that is catchy and one which potential clients can easily remember since it can be invaluable for gaining mind share with them.

In the trade, this is referred to as ‘stickiness’. However, the stickiness issue turns out to be the type of, well, sticky. Each company requires a name which stands out from the crowd and a catchy handle which will stay fresh and memorable for an extended time.

That is a challenge since naming trends can change frequently (usually on a yearly basis) making timeless names difficult to create (remember the dot coms?).

Avoid nonsense phrases and made-up words – Create cool business names which clients can pronounce and even remember quickly.

Don’t use acronyms that mean nothing to many people. When selecting an identity for a company or a product, simple and straightforward names are recommended, and inexpensive to the brand.

Avoid Strange Spellings – When developing a name, consider words which can be easily spelled by all customers. Some new founders try unfamiliar word spellings to make their companies stand out, but this can be dangerous when a client search your business online to find you or even try to refer you to others clients.

Embrace traditional word spelling, and always avoid those catchy words which you enjoy explaining at the cocktail parties.

Keep it simple – The shorter in length, the better. Limit it to only two syllables. You should avoid using hyphens and any other special characters. Since some directory listings and algorithms work alphabetically, choose a name closer to A than Z.

Nowadays, it highly recommended if the business name can simply be turned into a verb.

Get creative – It might be an excellent idea to have a name which designates what you do. Microsoft is a prime example of a brilliant selection. It implies software.

Then again, Apple is currently one of the most famous company in the world. Thus incongruous or nonsensical names might work as well.



Provide a Clue –Try to use a business name which gives some information on what your company does. It is appropriate to call your landscaping company ‘Lawn and Order’, but the same name isn’t suitable for a handyman business.

Your business name should match your business to remind clients what services you offer.

Favor Common Suffixes – Everybody will assume that your company name is obviously your domain name without the suffix ‘.com’ or the regular suffix for your country.

If these suffixes aren’t available for the name you prefer, go for a new name instead of settling for an alternative suffix like ‘.info.’ or ‘.net’. Acquire all the three suffixes if you can.

Sample Potential Customers – Create some different name options and try them out on potential investors, customers, and co-workers. You may need to avoid your friends and family who know too much.

Also, ask questions about your preferred names find out if they reflect the impression you desire.

Make Some Sense – Sometimes, business owners will prefer names which are nonsense words. Quirky words (Google, Yahoo, and Fogdog) or the trademark-proof names concocted from scratch (Aventis, Novartis, and Lycos) are a huge risk.

Always evaluate the international implications. More than one business has been embarrassed by their new name which had negative and even offensive connotations in a different language.

Do not Box Yourself In – Business owners should avoid picking names which do not let their business to grow or add to its product line. It means avoiding product categories or geographic locations to your business name.

With these essentials, clients will be confused if you extend your business to new areas or add to your product line.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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