3 Ways to Create a Company Name

If you are at the beginning of a process of founding a new company, there is one thing you have to do. That is choosing of a right name for your business. Just like many other important questions you have to answer, this one comes with certain responsibility. The name you choose will speak about your brand, your marketing skills and business philosophy. All these reasons are important to consider. A company name speaks a lot about the owner. We present 3 creative ways to choose creative company names for all those entrepreneurs who want effective and profitable results out of a business.

Make it sound powerful 

You probably know some company names that are simply amazing. These are combinations of letters ordered in a proper way to create a word that sounds good. A lot of things about the choice depend on the country and language you want to operate in. There are languages that offer a lot of possibilities and opportunities to play with words. You can combine letters and popular expressions in order to create something new. On the other hand, you can simply take some positive word and make it your company name. People like to hear the word that has a positive meaning and your chances to succeed are bigger this way. Users of your services will go back to the company that has a powerful name. This is a psychology fact in every kind of business. If your name has a strong meaning, you will attract more clients. Explore the language you want to operate on and find out all those words that sound good. Leave them and use them like that or be a little creative and compose something similar but new. Follow the story behind your company and give it a proper name.

The length is more important than you think 

How many times have you seen a long, long name of some company and immediately turn your head to the other side? Those situations happened for sure. You probably created some kind of barrier in your head, because even the reading of that long name gives you a headache. The person who gave that name probably had the best intention, but the result is different. People like short, concise and easy to remember company names. It does not mean that you should use one letter and expect people to celebrate you. Some studies claim that words made of 3 to 7 letters are the best option for naming the business. They are short, but still long enough to remember and leave a positive feedback. Follow this simple rule and chose the right length that describes you best by using a short name. Do a favor to people and offer them a name that is easy to pronounce and read. Use a shorter option and be straight. Whenever you try to describe your company, think about the word that is concise. It will help you build a picture of simple, but effective company.

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Find the help if you need it 

If you simply struggle to find a creative name for you company, do not be shy to ask for a help. You may be a good entrepreneur, but you cannot find a proper name for your company. Luckily, there are solutions. There are many ways to get help when it comes to this question and one of them is hiring professionals. Many online services offer an option of creating a new company name and you can use their help. In very short period of time, they give you few alternatives, so you can have a choice. These online services have groups of professionals who have experience and knowledge about this subject. You should simply describe what your company is all about and leave them the rest. This option is very good if nothing comes to your mind after some period. Using these 3 creative ways to choose creative company names will help you grow your business in the right direction. The name of your company will speak a lot about the brand you want to create and philosophy you want to offer. A good name will represent you in a specific way. People will be glad to hear your company name and use your services.


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