PML-N celebrates Pakistan Nuke Test Day as Day of National Pride

pml youm takbeer

HYDERABAD: Pakistan Muslim League (N) took out a rally to celebrate Youm Takbeer, Pakistan nuclear test day. The rally was led by Hanif Siddiqui district president of the party. Addressing the rally Hanif Siddiqui said 28th May was an important day for Pakistan. 18 years back Pakistan became first Muslim country in the world by a successful test of the nuclear bomb. It was in reply to Indian nuclear test. The Pakistani leadership, notwithstanding external Western pressures and Indian hegemonic designs to tilt power balance through its nuclear tests, opted courageously in 1998 to respond and restored the power balance in South Asia through six tests.

He said the day was a national pride and thanksgiving which made Pakistan 7th world nuclear power. The credit for making the country’s defence impregnable during 1998 went to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government, laying strong foundations for a stable and prosperous Pakistan, added Siddiqui.

He said the nuclear test was replied to enemies of Pakistan that if any one raised eyebrows against Pakistan destruction was its fate. Vice-president Abdul Waheed Inqilabi, Ayoob Rajput, Akbar Shah, and others also spoke on the occasion.

Another rally was taken out also which was led by PML divisional general secretary Adnan Qaimkhani, divisional secretary information Jamal Arif Sohrwardy, district general secretary Syed Shahid Ali and district vice president Deedar Solangi.

The speakers paid rich tributes to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and scientist Dr. Qadeer Khan, ho made Pakistan strong and invincible.

After deployment of Indian missiles in June 1997 on their western border and the troops’ movement on both sides of the border led to credence that such murkier state of affairs could break an imminent war between the two countries.

Obfuscating the scene further, on May 11, 1998 India tested three of its nukes followed by yet two others on May 13 to boast of its strategic strength in the region.

May 28 was marked as the day of national solidarity which required to be celebrated in an enthusiastic and befitting manner as the second most important day in our national history.


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