Sindh National Nari Tehrik rejects IIC proposals of torture on women

Dr Uzma Jokhyo

HYDERABAD: Sindh National Nari Tehrik has rejected the proposals of Islamic Ideology Council allowing husband torture his wife and has said that IIC had no right to government lives of women.

Nari Tehrik has termed proposals of IIC as an attack on women right which cannot be tolerated. It said no so-called Sharia would be allowed to usurp women rights. This was stated by the chairperson of Sindh National Nari Tehrik Uzma Jokhyo, Abida Siddiqui, Naseem Akhtar and Shahida Yousufzai and others in a joint statement issued here. They said IIC had no right to impose its will women and said the laws enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan about women rights be implemented in toto.

They said the women had played a vital role in the movement for independence and creation of Pakistan, the example of which was Fatima Jinnah sister of Quaide Azam. They said if the country was to stand with other developed countries of the world then the basic and constitutional rights of women shall have to be given.

They said the so-called IIC suggestions were based on anti-Pakistan thinking. They said the country cannot be more run on so-called Sharia laws. They said the jungle laws of Gen. Zia era could not be followed anymore. They said IIC has no right to direct Parliament to frame laws for women as parliament is the only forum to make laws to govern the country.


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