Appa’s team has won, says India and Sri Lanka’s grand-son

MUMBAI: Naren, the 10-year-old son of India’s son-in-law Muttiah Muralidaran (it is not Muralitharan as is being reported time to time, confirms his wife) had become impatient to welcome his dad in Colombo.

“Our son (Naren) watches all cricket matches. He loves Virat Kohli. He loves to watch his batting. He adores Virat’s batting. But on Sunday we supported Sunrisers Hyderabad team”, Madhimalar, the wife of legendary icon Murali, speaking exclusively over her mobile from Colombo, said.

“Naren was super excited when Hyderabad won the title. He was cheering “Appa’s team has won”.

Murali has been a bowling coach for IPL’s Sunrisers Hyderabad team.

“Murali is scheduled to arrive shortly. Naren and I would congratulate him”, she said.

Interestingly, Naren too plays cricket. “Playing for Under-13 team his school (Gateway school) won the Runners Up trophy”.

“We are so happy Sunrisers won the match. Sunrisers had the best bowling performance and this surely reflect on the legend, my husband”, she added.

Incidentally, Murali may be roped in by Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) for a short training camp for their spinners. This was confirmed by Akram Khan, the Director (Operations), BCB.

“We have a plan for Murali, Shane Warne and few other specialist spinners to invite them for a short three-day camp in our country”, Akram Khan says.

Only the short-camp assignment will suit Murali, as he is very busy in his own business of manufacturing cans.

Murali was also asked to be part of the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) but because of his business commitments, he didn’t involve himself.

“Murali is world’s best in this field. His passion and love for the game has got him the world record. Murali has an amazing talent and knowledge to spot a talent in youngsters and develop it. If Murali takes up coaching assignment I will support him”.

Indian daughter Madhi felt sorry for the flood situation in Sri Lanka. “A natural disaster that has brought a wave of human spirit in Sri Lanka”, she signed off.

The duo also has a daughter called-Krisha.


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