Sindh rulers spending public money as personal empire

Rs. 40 lacs sanctioned for repair of kitchen, water lines of Chief Secretary House

HYDERABAD, May 31: Sindh tops in corruption and bad governance in the whole country in comparison with other provinces and lacks in health and education because the public money otherwise to be spent on providing relief and facilities to citizens is so mercilessly spent on the personal extravaganza of ruling party members and bureaucrats. Chief Secretary Sindh Siddique Memon is considered as a respected officer, and no story of his corruption has come out so far, but it is amazing that how he accepted such a huge amount of Rs.40 lacs for repair or his house kitchen and water supply lines.

The news is that Sindh chief minister has sanctioned an amount of Rs.23 lacs for repair of the kitchen of chief secretary house while Rs.17 lacs for its water supply lines. This amount is not for original work but for repair. In Hyderabad and Karachi too costly cities of Sindh, one can purchase a flat of 3 rooms, lounge, kitchen, etc. (measuring more than 1000 ft) in this amount. Imagine what size of the kitchen  has been of chief secretary house that an amount of Rs.23 lacs is required for its repair only. Then his house might have been more luxurious than the palace of any emperor. Sindh government has also sanctioned an amount of Rs.493,000 for colour of residence of Abdul Jabbar Khan, secretariat advisor to CM; Rs.497,000 for repair of a room of personal secretary to provincial health minister Jam Mehtab Dahar;Rs.498,000 for decoration of office of Waqas Malik special assistant to chief minister and Rs.847,000 for flour and bath room Secretariat No.4 Karachi.

In a province where more than 600 children had died in 2015 and in 5 months of year 2016 around 300 had died of starvation and dearth of medicines in government hospitals. Various NGOs working on children had expressed failure of Sindh government in providing health care and medicines in Thar hospitals. The NGOs including Sparc led by Kashif Bajeer and Banhen Beli led by former federal minister Javed Jabbar said had Sindh government sent medical teams and medicines and had spent this amount on food and medicines for children in  Thar hundreds of children could have been saved.


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