Heath Streak arrives for commentary work in India: Past cricketers and non-cricketers commentators offer a good blend

Heath Streak

MUMBAI: Heath Streak, the former Zimbabwean cricketer, who didn’t seek the renewal of his contact with the Bangladesh team as its bowling coach will be in India on Friday.

Though he is “keen” to be associated with the Indian team, though not as a head coach, but as a bowling coach, will be commentating for the Ten Sports for India’s matches which begin in Zimbabwe from Saturday.

Speaking exclusively from Botswana, the 43-year-old Heath Streak says, “I have done about 4 series in Zimbabwe as a guest commentator in the past. I also did studio work for Sky Sports in Zimbabwe series matches during my time when I was playing county cricket in the UK”.

Heath Streak will be commentating from Delhi studio. “Not sure who other Ten Sports commentators are. I think past cricketers and non-cricketers commentators offer a good blend. Firstly because you a past player doesn’t automatically mean you will succeed as a commentator”.

“Like anything in life you must have a passion for what you are doing and take an interest in current players, trends, and strategies. As a past player, you do have an advantage having experienced playing different situations”.

“However, noncricketing commentators bring a great perspective and often see things from a different angle. Generally highly knowledgeable on stats and history of the game which not always case with us past players. Great job for people who love the game”, he adds.

“Legends like Lawry, Grieg, Botham, Gavaskar are a few examples of great commentators who played that I enjoy listening to,” he further added.

Heath Streak has also been working out his future plans to be associated in coaching. He has been associated with Gujarat Lions team in the IPL. “My agent is dealing with my stuff,” he signed off.


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