Price Control during Ramazan

Price Control during Ramazan

With the advent of the holy month of Ramazan, the traders & retailers have increased the prices of every commodity manifold in a short period of time. There is no justification for the increase. It is a great shame that our business men increase prices on such occasions & religious holidays. The leave no chance to earn extra profit,

Whereas even in western countries the traders lower their prices & give a discount to facilitate the consumers to enjoy the festivals. The profiteers & hoarders are busy fleecing the consumers who are at their mercy to buy commodities at higher rates.

The so-called Bachat Bazaars Scheme has also failed to provide any relief to the poor consumers. The vendors are selling the goods at the open market prices. Defective & substandard supplies are sold at these Bazaars with impunity.

In the historic city of Lahore, the traditions are violated, and practically all goods are sold at skyrocketing prices. The prices have fallen out of the reach of the common man. A bag of wheat flour is being sold at Rs. 590 per ten kilos. Rice at Rs.76 per kilos. Black peas at Rs. 120 per kilos. Traders have made it a practice to loot the citizens at the start of the Ramazan.

They are getting the Barakat and blessings of the holy month in this fashion. The price control committees have been rendered useless in the greater need of the consumers. The Chief Minister has issued instructions to the Provincial Price Control Committee to take necessary action against the black marketers & hoarders. They have done nothing & reported back that everything is OK.

I think nobody should be allowed to exploit the people. I am hoping against the hope that prices will be lowered in a successful manner convincing the traders to charge moderate prices.


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