Unscheduled load shedding in Sehri exposes govt claims

Unscheduled load shedding in Sehri

GHOTKI: Government failed to bound SEPCO for scheduled load shedding during the holy month of Ramadan in Ghotki district.

Unannounced and prolong load shedding of at least 10-12 hours have become a regular practice of SEPCO in Ghotki district. Numerous mohallas of Ghotki, Mirpur Mathelo, Daharki and Ubauro plunges in dark at Sehri and Iftar arrangements.

XEN Ghotki Karim Bux Soomro told The Lahore Times that they have received approval of making Ghotki at zero load shedding, and they are working hard on it to make Ghotki feeders at zero load shedding zone.

SDO SEPCO Ghotki said that main cause of load shedding is nonpayment of bills, once they are succeeded in bills recovery they can make some feeders of Ghotki load shedding free zone.

Citizens protests and said that they are receiving huge bills even in load shedding, their life and business have disturbed due to summer and prolong load shedding.


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