SPARC wins child rights movement Sindh Chapter

HYDERABAD: Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child has won the election of the Child Rights Movement-Sindh Secretariat through election process, held at DECVCON Office Karachi Today.

CRM is the consortium of 180 member organizations, who are working for the protection of children rights in Pakistan However, any ordinary citizen with interest and commitment towards children’s rights and protection can also join as individuals. Similarly, doctors, lawyers, professionals from media and academia etc. can also join the forum. It will be ensured that a working relationship with the other relevan coalitions is maintained.

and The CRM Sindh chapter is consists of around 60 INGO’s/NGO’s and Civil Society organizations all over the Sindh who have participated in a electoral process through voting, there were only three contesting organizations including SPARC in a election today.

CRM is a group of civil society organizations which was established with a mission to create an enabling environment for the children through collective advocacy on child rights issues. Our mission is “TO CREATE AN ENABLING ENVIRONMENT FOR CHILDREN THROUGH COLLECTIVE ADVOCACY ON CHILD RIGHTS ISSUES.” CRM’s objective is to deal exploitative and abusive situation of children in Pakistan, a group of like-minded NGOs realized that there is an urgent need to start a child rights movement in the country to tackle the widespread violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of children. The movement could not be created without the active participation of all civil society actors coming together on a single forum. It is also important to note that countries where comparative progress has been made to address children’s issues have done it through strong civil society advocacy monitoring and by working collectively towards a common goal. The Child Rights Movement (CRM) was established with the aim to work jointly for the promotion and protection of child rights in Pakistan.


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