Wrong Turn to Life

Wrong Turn to Life

In the present era, thousands of students are acquiring postgraduate degrees in Pakistan. But the demand of these students is none comparatively to the annually produced postgraduates which results of high rate of unemployment in the country. There is a common notion about this dilemma that government is not taking necessary actions to produce employment opportunities for the bulk amount of postgraduates. If we realistically observe the realities, it comes clear that statistics about the requirements of qualified human resource cannot match with the high rate of production. No matter the pass out graduates can defend their fields of specialization adequately or not but the expectations of getting a job are still on the peak. Undoubtedly, the authorities could not produce a healthy environment for employment, but this is not the only reason of this economic shortfall for qualified youth. The one of the basic reason is the wrong turn to life. Our young generation has specified one path to earn finance that is getting a job. It is practically not possible for authorities to facilitate millions of degree holders. However, the demands and material resources are relatively shorter. The question arises that what is the solution to cover the gap between needs/demands and the availability of human resource?

The solution in accordance with the needs of present circumstances is to acquire technical education or initiating some business. Unless the technical education is not promoted along with nontechnical education, we cannot master the unemployment. Formal education is verily a key to spending successful life. The importance of formal education for personality development, learning life skills, transferring ideas to next generation and to be a productive member of society cannot be ignored. Besides, the youth also needs technical education to accomplish the demands of individuals and society as a whole. Otherwise, we cannot restrain economic desperation in the society that will ultimately result in various other social problems and evils.

The religious teachings also illustrate that 90% profitable economic earning source is the business while merely 10 % are other sources. Religious guidelines and ground realities are highly co-related with each other in the current conditions. Numerous other earning sources are appearing day by day with the advancement in lives of people. Furthermore, the internet has created ease in the life; everything can be found on Google or Youtube. Hundreds of ways are available to earn money even staying at home through the internet. A solution to every problem for earning money can be sorted out through internet guideline.

For this purpose, we need patience and persistency in our work otherwise, we will not only fail to earn finance but also waste our material and nonmaterial resources by investment. However, the common notion is about Pakistanis that they do not hold consistency and patience in their life deeds. But I reject this conception on behalf of the educational persistency of Pakistani youth. Our youth is struggling hard even though they do not have opportunities to get job simultaneously, the merit and competition is increasing day by day due to a shortage of employment opportunities. This shows that we do not lack persistency and patience, but we have chosen the wrong platform. If same struggle with same persistency is executed on the business, we can not only earn handsome amount for life survival but also it results to grow up the economy of the country. By choosing the right path for earning, a major obstacle for economic development that is a reluctance to initiate small work will automatically repeal. It is due to conservative or traditional thinking of our society. Though many people want to start a low budget business but they can’t, due to society’s misconception and worthless allegations.

Hence, we need to take a right turn in life. It will not only alleviate poverty and diminish unemployment but also a social change will occur for initiating many small businesses. A collection of successful examples will also motivate people and create a trend towards business track rather expecting income from non-technical education.

The writer is an M.phil scholar and freelance columnist, can be reached at javed_amjad07@yahoo.com


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