Abdul Sattar Edhi, 92, Passes Away

Abdul Sattar Edhi has passed away. He was critically ill for some time. His kidneys have failed, and he was on dialysis. Yesterday evening his condition worsened, and he was put on the ventilator. The entire nation prayed for his health and recovery. Alas, his time had come to depart from this earthly abode.

He was born in a business family of Gujarat, India in 1928. He migrated to Pakistan at the time of partition with his family and settled in Karachi. He found his niche to serve humanity early on. He served the distressed and needy people for more than six decades. He established Edhi foundation a welfare organization in the year 1951. The foundation operated several other organizations under its umbrella. These included orphanages, dead houses, old homes, maternity homes, and Palnas.

His fleet of ambulances is one of the largest in the world and recorded in the Guineas book of Records. He was awarded Nishan-e-Pakistan and nominated for noble prize several times. I hope he will be awarded Noble Prize posthumously. He richly deserves these awards. The greatest rewards will be given by Allah the Almighty.

People are flocking in droves to see him to the Edhi Center where his body has been laid in Coffin. His funeral prayers would be offered after Zuhar Prayer at the National Stadium, Karachi. It has a limited capacity to accommodate 30 to 35000 people. More than a million people are expected to attend the funeral rites. A small contingent of Pak Army has been posted at the stadium to make all the arrangements. His hearse will be taken to the stadium by the army officers. Security plan has been prepared for several routes due to security reasons.

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a national asset. He was a real life incomparable hero. We have lost a great humanitarian. He would always be remembered for his innumerable services to the humanity. He served the poor and destitute people with great missionary zeal, dedication, and selfless devotion. He was born with a Golden Heart. He lived a very simple life despite his international celebrity status.

Prominent political leaders including heads of States, Prime Ministers and dignitaries from all walks of life have not only expressed their grief over Edhi’s death but paid glowing tributes to him.

Messiah of humanity is no more with us. May Allah exalt his position and rest the soul in peace and eternal tranquility. And grant courage and patience to the bereaved family & the nation to bear the irreparable loss.


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