Book Review: Yeh Raasta Koi Aur Hai

Yeh Raasta Koi Aur Hai

The legendary writer Iqbal Hassan Khan is a well-known figure of Pakistan Literary Circle and Pakistan Television Corporation as a Novelist and TV Drama writer.

The above said book mostly consists over the post-split issues, which are discussed tremendously in the perspective of Pakistan’s independence. The comparative analysis of the post-independence reflects the cognitive and intellectual thoughts of the writer, which open closed doors that were never opened before.

Natural and comprehensive narration through the strong characters and their valid point of views as they discussed their fears, hopes, expectations, feelings of Pakistan whom they had been associated as a result of India’s Partition.

Nevertheless, the insight of the writer the book provides a valuable and absorbing window in the perspective of partition that is for most of us inaccessible.

Notably, the book stir the conscience of the leaders and freedom lovers to accept responsibility for massacre occurred during the Independence. The book wherein different characters discuss the larger argument is that history, including horrific history, and tragedy truthfully told us to learn from the past.

The book can fairly be called a work of popular narrative history directed at a mass audience in the perspective of independence.
You may find it hard to stop reading once you begin. I am quite sure the book is generated its text for all kind of ages.

The charismatic writing style of the author and its flow is very charming, which captivates the readers till the last word of the book.

The book is both exciting and moving parallel with history and the beneath waves of romance. You may find universal message of love including the bitter experience and agony of independence. The language of the book is so simple and articulate.

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