How to unblock YouTube and block ads on YouTube?


There are many reasons why YouTube is banned in some regions of the world. Sometimes it is unavailable due to any complaint or sometimes it is due to the content being displayed on YouTube as it happened in Pakistan 2-3 years ago. This article is dealing with the knowledge of unblocking YouTube and also disabling the ads on YouTube. Your IP location is open and uncovers data about where you are on the planet – sites can see this data. They can then utilize your IP location to piece or confine you from getting to certain substance and media. This isn’t about restriction, as in Pakistan for instance, who blocked YouTube totally until a year ago. In the event, that your IP address falls outside the nation of the YouTube video, and then you’ll get the message, ‘this video is not accessible in your nation.’

Need of VPN to unblock YouTube

You have to use a virtual private network which is generally a plugin for the computer’s browser which will allow you to change the internet protocol address. By this, you can pretend to be the user of the country where there is not blockage of YouTube. In case you’re outside of the UK, and you’re hoping to get to content from home, just change to a UK server when you’re out of the nation. You’ll have a UK IP address and discover YouTube unblocked. One question arises that either it is safe to use a proxy blocker to unblock YouTube?  With ZenMate, they hide your genuine IP so you can get to YouTube from anyplace and watch the recordings you need. They likewise utilize encryption, keeping your information totally secure. They don’t store or log your own information which can be utilized to distinguish you or what you’re doing on the web.

Blocking ads on YouTube

There are lots of ways to block ads on YouTube, but one can use a simple command for this thing. Follow the below steps provided:

  1. Open a YouTube video.
  2. Open the developer console.
  3. Copy the following text.

document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=oKckVSqvaGw; path=/;”;window.location.reload();

Entering this would block all the ads on the video.


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