Cricketers’ popular Australian ortho-surgeon on India-Sri Lanka trip: Best chance for Malinga to be examined

Dr. David Young

MUMBAI: Dr. David Young, an Australian orthopedic surgeon, who is popular among several Asian cricketers is on a week-long trip to India and Sri Lanka.

He has been attending the 3rd International Congress of the World Coalition for Trauma Care in Delhi. It is being organised by the Indian Society for Trauma and Acute Care.

Speaking exclusively over his Australian mobile on Thursday morning, he said, “it will be a good experience to meet world’s renowned doctors and India’s orthopedic surgeons”.

Dr. Young is scheduled to deliver his talk on Friday night at the four-day seminar, which began on August 17th.

Dr. David Young has treated several sports persons across the world and many of the Asian players from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh rush to him for treating their injuries.

During his trip to India this week, he has no plan to examine any local players, but an opportunity is there to examine Sri Lankan speedster Lasith Malinga next week.

“I shall be leaving for Sri Lanka on Saturday night and will call Malinga, who, a good player, is a friend of mine. Will advise him on his long-standing injury”.

The 33-year-old right-arm fast bowler Malinga is out of the game since last 8-9 months due to overuse of his bone-bruise injury. He had undergone surgeries for his knee and ankle in the past.

“I have not spoken to Malinga for quite some time and let me see how he feels after being rested for so many months”.

Dr. Young is also to deliver a lecture in one of the conferences he is scheduled to attend in Batticaloa before returning to Australia on 25th August.


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