Indian female cricketers congratulate Olympic medal winners

Mithali Raj

MUMBAI: Mithali Raj, the captain of the India’s women team, has been following the Rio Olympic matches and the performance of the Indian players, particularly the women players.

Speaking exclusively over her mobile, she said, “I am proud of the women players who have brought glory to the nation and also all those players who have represented our country in this Olympics this year.”

“Every player and their life-story should be celebrated irrespective of the medals they won or not…simply for their sheer participation at the biggest stage and the preservance in fighting the odds to reach at this level.”

Mithali Raj did not respond to the performance of the former South African women team all-rounder Sunnette Viljoen, who, at the age of 33, won the silver medal in the women’s javelin final. Raj was a member of the Indian cricket team when the South African played the only Test against India (at Paarl in 2002).

Sunnette Viljoen’s wicket in both the innings was taken by Indore’s Bindeshwari Goyal.

Speaking exclusively, she said, “I never thought Sunnette would leave the game of cricket and play other sport.”

“I am sure she must have worked really very hard to reach at this level.”

“I feel extremely proud and congratulate Sunnette on grabbing the silver medal.”

“I feel proud that the girl, who was the victim in both the innings is an Olympic medal winner.”


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