Hafiz Saeed condemns missile attacks on Makkah

Hafiz Saeed

LAHORE: Ameer Jamaat ud Dawa (JuD) Pakistan Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has seriously condemned unsuccessful attempt of missile attack on Makkah and said that Islam enemy forces have made Yemen as base and are acted upon to terrifying planning to damage Haramain Sharifain. Houthi traitors have exposed their condemnable aims on the world by attempting missile attack on Makkah. Every Muslim understands the protection of Haramain as part of belief. Rulers of Muslim countries including Pakistan should openly stand with Saudi Arabia.

In his statement, he said that missile attacks of Houthi traitors on Makkah and other cities are not a regional issue. Saudi Arabia is the religious centre of all Muslims due to Baitullah and Masjid Nabvi. Therefore we clearly say that attempts of missile attacks on Haramain Sharifain are equal to take upon on Muslim’s heart. High-minded Muslims will never bear such condemnable conspiracies.

He said that attempts are being made to lay siege around Saudi Arabia by stabilizing Houthi traitor in Yemen. We should think, on the issue of Haramain Sharifain’s protection, beyond every type of personal and political interests. It is not the issue of political or regional rather than is the issue of our belief and faith. All Muslim countries should play fully role to fail condemnable planning of enemies of Islam.


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