Jayant Yadav’s second mother Super Super happy

MUMBAI: Jayant Yadav’s second mother, Jyoti Yadav is absolutely fine with not spotting her name on the jersey of her son.

Members of Team India had displayed the names of their mother on the back of their jerseys. Jayant Yadav, who made debut (receiving ODI cap from Virender Sehwag) had displayed the name of his mother, Lakshmi, who during her career as an air hostess had died in plane crash near Aurangabad, some 17 years ago.

Jayant was initially looked after by her grand-mother (mother of father Jaisingh) Sarla Devi before being brought up by Jyoti.

“I have no issues (on not seeing my name). I am not at all unhappy but overjoyed. It (his debut) is a very proud moment for all of us. I am supper supper happy for his wicket and catching”, Jyoti, speaking exclusively over her mobile from Delhi, said.

“I know my mother Jyoti would be very anxious. This is to tell her some mix up that I missed her name”, Jayant Yadad had said at the presentation.

Jayant’s sister Gargi, is most likely to advise her brother to rectify this mistake and we may find names of both mothers in the next match whenever Yadav is picked to play for the country.

Apparently, the mother of one more player is not alive.

Umesh Yadav’s mother had died few years ago. He had displayed the name of her mother (Kishoridevi ).

Dhoni was found to have changed his original jersey which had the name of his mother Devki. He, however, wore his own-named jersey when the team came for fielding.

The names of mothers of all players are listed below :
Dhoni (Devki), Rohit Sharma (Purnima), Rahane (Sujata), Kohli (Saroj), Manish Pande (Tara), Kedar Jadhav (Mandakini), Axar patel (Priti), Jayant Yadav (Lakshmi), Amit Mioshra (Chandrakali), Umesh Yadav (Kishoridevi) and Bumraj (Daljeet)


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