Now I Know

Now I Know

Now I know why I came crying into this world. From childhood to adulthood, this world has proven to be against all the beautiful things. Inspite of beautiful places, mesmerizing valleys, amazing creatures and enormous universe this world has proven to be a place of hatred, jealousy, loathe, war and crime.

If we go back to the time when this planet was all alone, when it has no inhabitants, can you imagine how peaceful it would have been?

We are born to do the great things but why we do Great bad things that are not only destroying the texture of nature but also the heart of man.

This is not the work of nature that has made world this way, but it is us, the so called humans who being the superior of all other creatures are the reason of the chaos. Ah! I am such a disappointment to myself.

Considering the happenings of past and present I think we have even taken the Heaven token easily, because if this illusion or faith had any impact on large portion of human race then they or we would not even dare to harm an ant.

Before giving answer to Lord of our deeds, are we good enough to answer to our inner little pure angel that came into this world?

In many aspects we have proven to be the best creation of Lord, we utilized the gift of wisdom, intelligence, thinking and moderation. But still there is question mark.

Maybe this is the nature of man that he cannot be beneficial for long, that he cannot remain the symbol of faith, harmony and peace for long. Maybe we expect so much from the nature that we forget we are also a part of nature and when one unit of body begins to go astray or leaves the unifying system, the whole nature is effected and wounded which cannot be healed.

Unfortunately, I feel our nature is hurt and it is calling us to come home but do we have time for our mother?


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