Five places you must visit in Pakistan in 2017

Beauty of Pakistan

KARACHI: Pakistan should be on everyone’s tourist destination for 2017; but what if you already live there? Then perhaps you should consider visiting these five must visit places for the New Year. In a country of mughals and mountains, wild frontiers and scattered ruins you will be amazed at the beauty you can find. Lamudi presents the five unmissable destinations to explore this year.

1. Lake Saiful Muluk

At 3200 meters altitude surrounded by snowy mountains, Lake Saiful Mulk rewards those that make the three-hour uphill walk from Naran. You will find the pathway just above the bazaar, but there is an option to get a jeep and split the costs with some other tourists; expect to pay about Rs700, worth it to view this natural beauty.

2. Deosai National Park

Another high point in Pakistan this one has an average elevation of 4,114m—the Deosai Plains are one of the highest plateaus in the world. If you make it to the park, expect to find rich flora and fauna and animal life. It also has one of the highest lakes in the world—Deosai Lake at 4,142m. The breathtaking scenery on display at the plains is enough to make 2017 a memorable year.

3. Naltar Valley

Accessible via a 2.5-hour drive from Gilgit, this gem is well worth visiting. Covered with pine trees and otherworldly plantlife its has a dreamlike feel to it. This is an Instagrammers dream, lush colors all year round will make you fall in love.

4. Shangrila Resort

Right in the north of Pakistan in the central valley of Gilgit Baltistan is a picture perfect location. Locals call this a paradise, and that’s what it feels like. No visit is complete without checking out the restaurant which is built in the structure of an aircraft.

5. Rama Meadow

The Rama Meadow doesn’t feel like Pakistan at all; it looks more like somewhere in Minnesota in a time long since passed. Watch the sheep and cows grazing while the crystal clear water flows in streams from high in the mountains. Cast against the backdrop of Chongra’s ice-covered peak and Nanga Parbat’s southern ridges this little meadow is a piece of art.


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