EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Your Ultimate Professional Data Recovery Tool

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Version 11.0 is your ultimate solution if you have suffered a data loss on your PC, device or tablet. This particular version of data recovery software has a comprehensive yet vast list of features to solve the issue for every client who is facing a data loss.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Version 11.0 has a version of free data recovery software that you can use free of cost for trial and then purchase the pro version to access other exclusive features. The software has the magical power to bring back your deleted files and data back to life on a working system. However, that is not the only unique feature; EaseUS Wizard also works on a drive that isn’t recognized by any other software, for instance, the drives that are formatted by mistake.

Hence if you have lost your files by accident, there is no need to panic because EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can get you your work back on track!

Moreover, the software also has the ability to re-create any disk image including any corrupted version. After this, you can easily work with the re-created image instead of the original corrupted file meaning chances of corrupting file again drops down to almost zero.

Once your lost work is restored through the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard including the free version, your files will be displayed with their complete names so that even if the list of the files is ultra long you can locate your file of interest through its name and then double click it to make sure you have accessed the right file.

What adds cherry to the top of the cake is the fact that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will work on any version of Windows from 2000 onwards and further supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and EXT2/EXT3 systems. Furthermore, it restores the files from any USB device, memory cards, and hard drives on both dynamic and basic disks.

Although the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free version provides all the features necessary to restore files, it can only recover 500 MB of lost data while you can access another 1.5 GB by sharing files on social media. Hence if you need to restore data more than that of 2GB, you will have to purchase the Pro software version.

What is special in Version 11.0?

  • It has a new interface with easy to use recovery steps
  • It has an efficient scanning system to locate data with more efficiency
  • It supports two new languages, Turkish and Arabic


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