Love or Love NOT

Nisa was upset since Rajal told her that it seems like she is no more interested in him that was ABSOLUTELY not true. She loves Rajal very much, fortunate enough she is as with the approval of both the families they are engaged. Nisa belongs to a noble family but misfortunate put her parents and siblings hand to mouth that was the prime reason that Nisa decided to opt for High-Quality Higher Education so that she can secure a teaching job to feed the family while managing well at home she worked hard and got graduated in an Era where there was no concept of giving education to woman whereas society allowed woman to remove veil from face only in front of father  brother husband and fiancé.

With having started Teaching career, Nisa emphasizes her siblings for good quality education so that they can spend happy and healthy life, in addition, to be able to pay for their bread and butter; same she wishes for herself. Rajal has always been very supportive to her since they interacted with each other for the first time. Many families approached Nisa and her parents but Nisa refused to get married as she is interested in Rajal, who is self-made distinctly educated man and claims to love her very much that he proved by sending proposal through his parents. But since Fasad another highly educated intellect who is a poet as well started gossiping about Nisa, self-proclaiming that initially Nisa loves her but Rajal came between the two through his poetry that adversely affected the relationship between Nisa and Rajal.

Initially, this situation disturbed Nisa very much but soon she realizes merely being worried can lead nowhere so she decides to resolve the problem on her own. Though she earns well by teaching but she believes that there is no purpose of getting Education if it does not make an individual mature, wise independent and enable them to spend happy and healthy family lives.Above all, she loves Rajal very much and can not bear to let him go out of her life.

Somehow Nisa arranged a cart for her to reach to the place where Fasad regularly had been arranging his Poetry Gather during sessions he used to gossip about Nisa whereas the attendees who have read the work of Nisa; Nisa is also a writer, pay special attention on Fasad’s flattering stories about Nisa with having a touch of romance with her mentioned in his poetry, as well as most of them, were silent admirers of Nisa but on face they used to criticize her for getting married with a man of her choice whereas at heart most of them wished some woman having comparable standing of Nisa or Nisa herself could choose them to love and marry with.

One fine afternoon, when Rajal was out of town Nisa, went to meet Fasad at his gathering place.As soon as she came out of the cart, people in the gathering, men, were surprised to see a woman having her whole body including face covered in veil came to attend the poetry session. On approaching to the crowd, she very politely requested a gentleman to guide her to Mr. Fasad who was sitting on the stage, was surprised to see a woman coming towards him. After getting in front of Fasad Nisa removed the veil from her face and said to Fasad You love me and I am here to meet you.It was all very unexpected for Fasad to see a woman coming to attend his gathering and above all, claiming love for him in front of such a huge crowd whereas Fasad found no time to manipulate an escape for him but uttered  truth I do not know who are you, no Great woman loves me and I can never respect or love a woman who can approach a gathering and remove veil in front of so many men whereas getting married with such a woman no matters who she is out of question. Nisa smiled and said I am Nisa, turned around to come back home leaving everyone in severe shock.

Soon after reaching home,on spreading the tale across the town many people came to Nisa s Parents to make complaint about her that she had damaged their reputation and hence they wished to break relations with their family whereas many among them wanted to scold Nisa and punish her but her siblings did not allow them to meet Nisa. Luckily Nisa s Parents and siblings were very sensible wise and mature so they did not say anything to Nisa and the family remained united during her difficult time.

When Rajal came back, people complaint about Nisa raising doubts on character and sanity, that Rajal could not tolerate. He along with his parents came to visit Nisa s home where Rajal requested to meet Nisa in the presence of the family that Nisa accepted. When she came to greet the family her eyes were full of tears and she was speechless. Having had a look at her Rajal asked the family to let him know if anyone was disrespectful and requested for the permission to talk with Nisa separately.

Later on, Fasad opted to leave the place, parents used to Name Nisa to their Daughter Child whereas father and brothers started supporting their female family members to peruse for High-Quality Higher Education in area of their interest even if they are supposed to leave the home place and ABOVE ALL to get married with the man they Love. Love or Love does not have NO set criteria to judge but every heart has its own way to sense until it gets established and registered through Nikkah.

The writer is associated with the Profession of Teaching and Research with having inclination towards exploring the Features of Nature while enjoying Food with Families and Friends. She is Assistant Professor at Department of Food Science and Technology in University of Karachi, Pakistan.


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