Wealth – Old Age Care Trap

All goods that we have are basically with Blessing of Allah but next to this are the efforts of our elders including Parents. To be honest the most deserving of our kindness are our Parents and Parents in law. I believe Parents in Law are more deserving for due care and kindness as all over the Globe it is very usual that parents do love their children and take the best care of them but in developing countries including Pakistan where the State facilities are limited, Parents bear the sole burden to provide bread and butter to their children, in addition, to pay the cost of education until they manage to find a job of their own whereas if child is a girl then they have to prepare the dowry and spend on the marriage expenditures in addition as well but on another hand most of our elders do not enjoy due care and kindness specially in their old age that they deserve partly because of scarcity of facilities secondly for the social norms and upheld greed trait.

We pay back injustice same as what we learn from our interaction in our social environment. Generally, a girl is brought up with a dream to follow her dreams after wedding whereas getting married as soon as possible is made every young individual’s prime aim in life even without realizing whether they are mature skilled wise and experienced enough to bear the responsibilities of lives getting associated with them after marriage and develop new relation and relationships mutually dependent but independently of their family member s influences while keeping a balance among all. Unfortunately in most of the cases this does not happen the way it should be beneficial to strengthen family ties; individuals are manipulated either in name of religion or social norms on purpose, mostly the underlying objective is to serve interests of some individuals while keeping control on other s lives that initially, some of the elders do whereas the youth pay it back when their elders are totally dependent on their children to take care.

Pakistan does not have State own old age houses and in my opinion She should not have either as taking GOOD care of parents particularly parents in law  should be made most essential social norms mainly because parents generally spend more on their children  than they spend on themselves to give their children  better lives and let them be dependent on them even until children are in their middle age unlike the developed part of world where as soon as children become eighteen years old they are expected to move out to be self-dependent to meet all expenditure of their lives, that makes youth mature wise be JUSTIFIEDLY thankful and responsible right from beginning helpful to get settled in comparatively in younger age.

Parents who are rich are the focus of attraction not only for their own children specially those who are financially dependent on them but also catch the attraction of prospective in-law, in-laws, their children’s prospective in-laws and other relatives as well.

Once heir-ship documents for the Family Members are finalized, the life of the elders are at risk, in certain cases even their children s life are, especially if people in their social circle are greedy  as there is no limit to greed whereas greedy never invest in relation and relationships and have no religion though unfortunate but is a fact that many documented natural death are not that natural but remained unrevealed as birds of same feather flock together.

In my opinion it is important for the well-being of Global Community to tame the greed right from the beginning since childhood during the upbringing into ambition for self-reliance with high moral standing whether the child is Boy or Girl and to teach them to be self-dependent for making decisions both in their personal and professional life without losing the value to be inter-dependent and adherence with the Family and ABOVE ALL peruse their CAREER INDEPENDENTLY.

The writer is associated with the Profession of Teaching and Research with having inclination towards exploring the Features of Nature while enjoying Food with Families and Friends. She is Assistant Professor at Department of Food Science and Technology in University of Karachi, Pakistan.


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