How to preserve Individuality is the Real Challenge for this Era

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Building an opinion while drawing conclusions and coping with the problems have always been a challenge. In olden days, many of the assumptions made on the set criteria used to fall close to realities as most of them relied upon direct time-based interaction with having individuals exposed to homogenous conditions for considerable length of time that in this Era of Information Technology lost its significance because of easy access to information just a click away though it remains difficult to differentiate between fair and fake so are the people. In self-proclaimed liberal community hardly individuals have freedom to take any independent personal even professional decisions as well without being left out by fellow beings even education could not do any better. How to preserve the individuality is the Real Challenge of this Era.

Compromise on individuality trait is considered to be pre-requisite for identifying an individual as normal on existing Psychological Criteria that was built upon the concept of Darwin theory, survival of fittest; genetically the fitter better the survival. Latest understanding suggest  genes that are supposed to be linked with human behaviour and diseases are not operational in the same manner even within the same individual during a life span and so can be different in responses among individuals sharing the bloodlines or the family tree, obsoleting the concept survival of fittest, that s the supportive postulate defining the pre-existing concept of “Normal” in Human Behavior Sciences, seems to be replaced by the opinion propagation in individuality supporting environment with complementing features  helps   to ensure Individuals Mental Health. Expecting the similar response from a different group of individuals under given conditions can be traced down to genetic level is an approach that has contradiction within itself hence the extended work lost its significance mainly because non-reproducibility and absence of validating supporting data.  The perception of understanding to conceive the message has added to it more interdependent variables for instance in olden days a lady wearing veil would be very likely a woman originated from a family having religious approach very likely have not attended more education  higher than high School etc but now a woman wearing Veil (hijab) can be one wearing it for a Photo shot, just looking at someone, having a chat or even how people describe individuals are not enough to deduce any opinion about anyone. Most common flaw for having a different type of social problems is rooted upon that fact that we draw wrong conclusions about others, never question our opinion above all its others who implant in us what to believe in or to practice. Unhealthy food can put us on medicine helpful to cope with heart illness, diabetics, kidney problem, so does unhappy and restless life without having the sense of accomplishment. Rather Society has a very brutal face that is seldom exposed, those who attempt to sustain their individuality in whatsoever sense are put on drugs to tamper their behaviours, then onwards the voyage starts to build  research upon them treating them as a sample for study to publish work a prerequisite for professional growth and this approach has already if not completely but at least on objective ground gives up zeal to treat the ailment until complete cure rather it  becomes ambition to continue research that s a never ending process, doing so unnecessarily is the violation of basic rules regulation and ethics for practicing Medical Science Expertise defined by Wealth Health Organization (WHO) having dispersed it to others while applying it, strictly prohibited if done un-notified ANYWHERE all over the GLOBE. More devasticating consequences occur when without having parallel authentically proven evaluation tool or process the complete reliance is based on findings having involved information technology based equipment for different diagnosis, personality analysis compatibility rating and other similar purposes. Authentic literature indicates conclusion driven by mainly relying upon automated machines due to versatility in multiple variable, mathematical based principal driven device and analysis fail to portray the real details of life events under study  ending up into misleading conclusion specially when it comes to behavior related issues this in fact created gap in the understanding of knowledge on one hand whereas on other hand contributed to intensify the problems rather than leading to cure. Sparing the Books written the Globally Recognized Expert, we have habit of relying upon information available online, in simple words, we read whatsoever Google brings to us. Building of ideas opinions are the mean to voyage to Knowledge whereas struggling through it develops understanding and expertise in specific area of Training over a period of time that excels with experience. Most of us these days have no spare time to read updated authentic literature in our area of expertise, mainly for financial constrains worse of all, most of us are not focused, we never hesitate to self-proclaim to have expertise where we know nothing mentionable and hence are still stuck with many obsolete practices whereas common people who rely on our input mainly because of unawareness and ignorance are at suffering end and our non-professionalism and professional Dishonesty add on to their miseries. Authentic Data indicates that with having the use of Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostics Appliances, on one hand the incidences of diseases such as cancer allergy Alzheimer heart diseases renal obesity problem mental illness have enhanced multifold probably on the other hand classical understanding of relation between gene and disease has acquired new horizon with having gap in understanding in related domain of Knowledge that needs to be bridged to let science move on in correct direction but researchers are reluctant to acknowledge these bitter facts. Not the medicines and therapies but support for individuals to carry individuality as they wish to with having personal freedom and offering others the same while exploring the self and related to self with caring gesture mutual acceptability having added safe food and portable water in diet can save money and improve Law and Order situation all over the Globe while sustaining Global Peace and Friendship.


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