The Future of Global Community is at Risk

The Future of Global Community is at Risk

Today the topic I opted to write is the use of Drugs though I acknowledge that as per decency criteria it would very likely be edited if it is taken in a sense as it is reported in literature or commonly comprehended in society but in literal terms Love is a Drug that can never be substituted with any material…We all are addicted to it and addiction starts soon after birth when a mother takes care of us.

First thing that mother teaches us after love is patience, in order words to acquire control on self. Later on as we grow we learn other things from our environment but then its always mother who guides us  even often scold us to learn to behave merely because she loves us and want us to spend a happy life. With the intrusion of technology, the basic dynamic of life has changed. The drugs that were used in olden days as medicine has more of its role in the prevailing society merely the women contribution in modulating the human relations in the basic unit home has diminished. It’s not that mother has given up on her children in most of the cases but it is more of society pressure that enforces more slots that demand her input. The basic instinct of happy women is to look good but these days most of us wear make up mostly to have a good catch and later on to compete with others that brings in the feel of greed. Now  more of time we spent putting efforts to look beautiful though artificially to acquire control on our lives as well as others to fulfill  our wishes. This has detached us from real world to illusions ultimately we turn up slaves of our desires with having no limit to control. The child who used to be focus of family now has to spend time on maids later on in school, tuition and electronic devices. In olden and golden days the rhyme stories and verse were sung to put children on sleep but these days if they do not sleep early they are taken to doctors who advise sedative for them or the parents themselves start often with homeopathic as they believe that it does not create any side effects that is scientifically proven wrong. In most of the incidences the parents are themselves helpless as they have to go on job, for studies get or involved on other activities to be well connected with society. There are large number of couples who got married for one reason or other but definitely not for being in Love devoid of any greed. Having expectation is sensible but greed ruins the relationship between the two individuals and the life associated with them .No wonders since such couples do not own each other they usually are not responsible parents. So the deficiency of Love intrudes right from childhood whereas dependency on pharmaceutical drugs starts as soon as mother feeding stops either in form of baby preparations processed food preparations you name them they are all synthesized away from nature. How can anyone expect societies deviating from natural trends develop the relation naturally in this dynamic era based on technology whereas underlying ambition raises upto the level of greed making most of the population emotionally insecure. Since the time investment in flourishing human relations has been diminishing over a period of time, the young generation finds it more challenging to handle their relations particularly the RELATIONSHIP unlike the olden days where social interactions add to their experience whereas elders used to have time and honesty to invest to help them to come up with viable solutions leading to happy and accomplished life These days even those who have these opportunities often are helpless as our elders can share their experience but definitely their honesty wisdom experience can vary does not necessarily be set in our need of reference so are foreign experts books who do write having study on entirely different approach based society having entirely different set of problems. Our generation is facing challenges due to having more unguided life with having little personal space with having much higher level of expectation deviating from reality upto the level of illusion. It is the society norms that direct our lives whereas greed controls it merely because of three reasons e.g. individuals were forced to be parents under pressure, society norms becomes their expectations and impatience has become their tendency. We need to study, make relations, start earning, get married in a particular age, should have children even numbers and their sex are also recommended by others and so on,  society norms set criteria that we all need to stuck by otherwise we would not be socially unacceptable. Particularly we have lost control on our lives and the space we need to pick our option deviating from set standard. No wonders, youth is looking for what they themselves do not know, their expectation are that they learnt from media or heard by elders as far as patience is concerned a slow internet speed can  be sufficient to piss them off. In adults, many gents are having one wife, several girlfriends while cheating them all or living with wife but their center of focus in life is someone else. In either cases, they are unhappy unself-contended and cannot keep others happy. Having more than one wife at a time is socially unaccepted but society merely criticizes on having girl friends. Similarly women though are married with someone but putting efforts to catch other gents s attention in one way or other even at the cost of family well-being are considered to be more honorable than with the ladies who believe in marrying the man they love, no matter even if he is already married The sense of un-fulfillment and emotional insecurity is not confined to any particular fragment of society, financial status, ideological background, academic profile so is the use of drugs. I would rather them love drugs as it is the scarcity of love that pushes towards greed and ends up in taking drugs.  The dependency is more likely among individuals that encounter any emotional trauma particularly in childhood—-taken as universally accepted fact and that s very wrong. When the involvement of drug in life was confined only as a medicine, people even having emotional trauma even in their early lives were far better of merely because they were better taken care of and others had patience to accept them as they are. In our prevailing society where there is scarcity of care and patience, any single emotional distress can trigger the need of drugs. Many of us are un-intentionally get addicted to drugs since in the state of distress, we made expose to it and is administrated without bring it in notice till we get addicted to it. Those elements those turn individuals into addicts are not as responsible as our response to them. No matter whether people like to be categorized as liberal educated, conservative and traditional elite high class middle class or low class, we all lack the due flexibility to offer personal space and acceptance other than anything deviating from our expectations especially when we are supposed to offer anything as minor as acceptability. We all are equally prone to hide the filth of our social norms that force people to shut up and not talk about matters specially those that can expose some individuals wrong doings, exploitations and bring the reality on surface that can damage collective interest of people. Other than those who are accidentally exposed to drug and get addicted to it there is always some underlying reason that an individual’s opt to the use of drug and in all the cases if we can explore underlying cause it is easy to treat the patient. We need to be vocal about it inspite of the fact that it can make us unacceptable but that is far better than being exploited while putting others well being at risk. General public needs to have bold stance to be open to have knowledge about different type of drugs and their uses. I am writing article on this topic, have had extensively travelled in the world but I really do not know anything about drugs their types uses etc. How can we expect common people to know about them? Many Natural Healers and Psuedo Maulvi, Black Magic Practioners put people having poor literacy, religious beliefs on drugs specially those who have emotional insecurity or have been  facing some sort of problems for a long time and could not handle them at their own then through them control others lives at time make them do crimes as well. Even some food wanderers are found to sell drug added food item to enhance their sell.  To save our generation from drug abuse we have to facilitate them to bring their problems on table to discuss and try to help them find the solution beyond the set norms of society ethic religion practices that suits their needs more than our expectations and let them have it rather leaving them alone to opt for the use of drugs and find an escape within it. Give the individuals using drugs the confidence to be open, talk about it and facilitate them to opt for medical treatment but the main concern is who is going to help them. Locally trained experts are usually inadequate expertise to help these people upto the complete cure whereas many of them take their patients as sample to help them having publications at time even by compromising the well-being of the patients to make money, professionally promoted and gain fame. World class internationally accredited expert do not accept every case to handle but the limitation is they are few whereas cost of treatment and individual attention to help to identify the core issue is also matter of concern in some cases. Money can bring degrees, publications name but not all have equal Moral Concern and Patience that s why people remain stuck with drugs and lives associated with them suffer from misery and often follow their footsteps as society has zero acceptances for them. No wonder we find people dying more of drug use belonging from every fragment of community, considerable number belong to educated and elite class as well than of hunger and malnutrition but since it does not serve our greed so we never report it. What can make a difference is to take pain to respond towards OTHERS beyond the set norms of society unfortunately neither our liberal elites nor the religious fellows are ready to bear so drug users shed into tears. More or less we respond the same way on Drugs Issue in other Part of Globe as well, we do not own to help the suffers to recover completely to spend a Independent Happy and Healthy Life so the Future of Global Community is at HIGH Risk.

The writer is associated with the Profession of Teaching and Research with having inclination towards exploring the Features of Nature while enjoying Food with Families and Friends. She is Assistant Professor at Department of Food Science and Technology in University of Karachi, Pakistan.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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