Daryl Harper has dramatic side-effects for chemotherapy treatment: “All food and drink taste like metal”

DUBAI, (UAE): Former ICC (Elite Panel) umpire Daryl Harper is in good spirit though undergoing cancerous treatment.

The 65-year-old Australian umpire underwent cancer-related surgery three months ago.

Speaking exclusively from his Adelaide home on Saturday morning, he said, “I’ve had a tough few months. After having two feet of my colon removed due to bowel cancer, I’ve now had six chemotherapy doses at fortnightly intervals. Six more to go…”.

“The (chemo) doses really hit hart and the side-effects can be quite dramatic. At the moment, all food and drink taste like metal so I’m not in a hurry to eat or drink anything. As a result, I’ve lost ten kilograms”.

“In another three months time, I’ll have more tests and find out what my chances of recovery happen to be”.

“It (the recovery) is a long and slow process but I’m generally very positive and optimistic so I am quite hopeful of recovering and returning to my match-referee role”.

In his 17-year-of international umpiring career Daryl Harper has officiated in 95 Tests, 174 ODIs’ and 10 T-20 matches.

He is now contracted with the Cricket Australia (CA) as their match-referee.

During his off-time from the game now, Harper has written a 400-page book (Harper Bizalle) which he intends to publish (“hunting a publisher is not a problem”, he said) after the expiry of his contract with CA as he is not allowed to publish it during his contract-period.

“There are several funny incidents in my book. Of course, no match-fixing chapter in the book”.

“I will be busy watching the Champions Trophy in England. I could not watch the IPL as there was no direct relay here”, he signed off.


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