Lawful Money and Legalized Stay – A wiser decision

I never undermine the significance for having money enough to pay the bills and fulfill other needs of life but considering it more precious than Honey is a shear blunder of life.

Whether we talk about honey that is collected from hives or refer it to the sweetness of Love Happiness and Health without those living remains merely biological phenomena lacking sprit of Soul.

Fairness in dealing and distribution is the pre-requisite of Happiness. Every ethics norms religion and Law has well-defined principles guarding justified access to resources and use of individual rights within limits of freedom mutually accepted.

However the problem arises, when people are supposed to follow customs, social norms of the society while abiding rules and regulations alongwith practicing religion as per individual beliefs all at a time. Usually, within beliefs and social norms there exist contradictions mainly for having different historical and geographical origin whereas individual perception to practice add further diversity to it that rules regulation and Law usually fail to justify hence social justice is seldom served.

A boy is raised giving better quality standard education than his sister girl expecting that her husband would earn for her whereas extra money is spent on her to make dowry. On the other hand, the emphasis is made on girls right from their childhood to learn cooking and running domestic affairs while boys are kept away from learning these things as a boy is expected to grow up into a man. These are society norms those are being miscommunicated as Religious Beliefs. In well integrated social systems this practices seems to serve the purpose of most of the families. But in this era of information technology, systems all over the globe is transforming at very high pace, societies are in process of evolving with having altered set priorities whereas interpretation of religious norms in life has more variables for translations that might not fit in pre-existing social norms and customs hence all societies in the world are experiencing cultural shock emerging with having mature approach where people have the flexibility to welcome the change those who have raised with time.

Otherwise, it s the basic unit home that has to bear the consequences for rigidity in approach that is reflected by domestic unrest. In East, a girl is expected to be well to do in running home, working well in office, can socially compete with others while having looks of any renowned celebrity. Whereas man is expected to bring a heavy amount of money to home while keeping the ladies happy, recently added to this feature is, MUST be handsome as well while behaving like heroes as in Eastern movies. Our expectations are what media beings to us, that s mostly lacking the real life taste and experience.

Our elders are immersed source of experience to learn to make life worth living but some of those who impressed by glittering of this Era acquired greed as well and became over ambitious adversely effected the youth following their dreams. Those trying to grow out of proportion, lack sustainability and hence vanishes our a period of time. A common feature of such people are, dependably rely on others for their progression, above all hearing is their believing. These characteristics confer on them rigidity towards any change but at the same time, they have plans for a lifetime, having not achieved them can take away from them the focus of life as well. On the other hand, there are a good number of people who kept themselves updated with the advancement in technology as well as made best of their experiences in terms of personality evolution but even they are experiencing difficulties in coping with this challenging Era as there are more dynamics to cope with than they are used to of. The pressure of society to acquire high standard of living put mostly by women, is reflected with higher corruption rate. With the development in Information Technology, it has become necessary to transfer the data present on paper into soft format, with having it there appear huge inaccuracies found in whatsoever is mentioned on paper, that criminal factors all over the Globe are using them in their interest to flourish their activities. The Recent Move against unlawful money, global change in Immigration Policies and set standard of qualifications with change in job demands for having emergence of new fields while vanishing the several pre-existing has shaken the family units unexpectedly revealed individuals who were otherwise placed among rich, lost their social and financial standing for having unlawful money, a society where degrees, social and financial status residing localities govern the relations and relationship, seems to shed of her traditional trends. Marriages arranged with having compatibility in qualifications have come into crises with having change in global qualification criteria, irony is we as society have tendency to respect others not as person but on basis of qualification, financial status in simple word can be anything other than humanly characteristics. Abroad usually people buy properties on mortgage, for losing job for having incomplete documentation or fake documentation is a common issue that has raised in recent days that in turn increase the sell of properties specially the shared ones in the countries of origin, those are mostly developing countries through women who own the share but are suppressed socially usually fail to raise voice. As per Islamic Ideology a man can have upto four wives at a time, many gents using their Islamic Rights have more than one wife, though other marriages are seldom registered but this does not deprive them from eligibility to claim the due share in inheritance money being an Eastern Man though, by Islamic Law, Husband cannot use Wife s money to support his own or his relative’s income/expenditures. We by habit follow no matters, it is Religion, Custom or Law that suits our Desires and Needs. It is Sad that these matters are NOT appearing in Media. The impact of this trend is, we are having more women, children and elderly people losing their place to live and are forced to seek shelter wheresoever it is available. In this Era, the traceability credibility and compatibility matter as many people have undisclosed loan liable to them to pay, charges of unlawful activities, family and personality compatibility issues as well as personal practices have become the key indicators to govern the trend of marriages as well as divorces. Another important factor as also mentioned earlier as well that can influence the relation and relationship expectation are obsoleting the old and emerging new professions. In older days, it could take decades to flourish a newly launched profession whereas in this Information Technology age, it could be a matter of a few months particularly in developed part of world. This can facilitate the mobilization of experts from West to other part of World where pace of change in Approach is Slow. Another advantage, in most of the developed countries, the cost of living is very high, the property is usually bought on mortgage to protect from being default specially when they do not have attractive job as well, many people decide to avoid illegal stay and to move in the part of the world where they can buy property within the available resources as well as be able to get job to continue the profession with having legalized stay. This is still a wiser decision than to use unlawful means to earn the life. In most of the cases, not both the husband and wife are convinced for it, that can become the turning point in life whereas the individual’s decision determines the destination.

The writer is associated with the Profession of Teaching and Research with having inclination towards exploring the Features of Nature while enjoying Food with Families and Friends. She is Assistant Professor at Department of Food Science and Technology in University of Karachi, Pakistan.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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