PFUJ would strive for rights of journalists of small towns also: Haji Nawaz Raza

PFUJ would strive for rights of journalists of small towns also: Haji Nawaz Raza

HYDERABAD: President Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (Dastoor) Haji Nawaz Raza has said that union would raise voice for issues facing all journalists without discrimination. We can get our rights with the power of unity. Wage Board award should not be limited to big cities only and they would work for rights of journalists of small towns also. He was addressing Iftar Party given by the Hyderabad Union of Journalists at press club Hyderabad for the newly elected body of PFUJ. PFUJ general secretary Sohail Afzal, vice president Afsar Khan, assistant secretary general Shoaib Ahmed, Humayun Aziz, Athar Hashmi, Mian Munir Ahmed, Rashid Aziz,Ehtsham Saeed Pasha, Amjad Chowdhry and other office bearers of PFUJ, president press club Hyderabad Waseem Khan, Farhan Effendi president and Abbas Kassar general secretary, Akhtar Pirzada senior vice president of Hyderabad Union of Journalists were also present as also Abdul Hafeez Abid former vice president of PFUJ, former president of HPC Jaffar Memon, senior journalist Anwar Siyal, Hakim Leghari, Najam Junejo, Anis Durani, Aamir Rao, Saeed Ghori, Haji Ashraf, former general secretary of HPC Mansor Mari and others were also president.

The federal leadership of journalists was presented traditional Sindhi Ajraks and Topis by office bearers and members of governing body of HUJ and other senior journalists. Haji Nawaz said in his address that he has visited Hyderabad since last 31 years and was rejoiced to see the unity among journalists speaking every language of country. He said he was happy to see close cooperation between journalists belonging to unions and press clubs. He Said the issues of journalists can be solved with power of unity. He said issue of wage board award was hanging since last many years though many cases were pending in courts. There was no wage board award in small towns but in big cities also 7th wage board award was not being implemented. He said the journalists of small towns were in contact with them and the problems they raise would be taken up with the ministry of information. General Secretary Sohail Afzal said they would not discriminate between journalists. In this regard, he said if a journalist belonging to any other union is hurt they (Dastoor) would treat it as their own loss. He said they would strive to bring all journalists close to each other. General Secretary HUJ Abbas Kassar presented an analysis of journalists situation in Sindh while Abdul Hafeez Abid, Farhan Effendi also spoke on the occasion.


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